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How to Treat Hair Loss Naturally

Hair loss is one of the most common problems which affect almost 95% people all over the world. Hair loss is of many types but the most common type found in men is male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. In this article let us find out more about the causes of such baldness and the alternative treatments available to combat this condition.

Reasons For Male Pattern Baldness
The main reason for androgenic alopecia according to medical studies is the excess production of DHT in the body which when deposited to the scalp area prevents the hair follicles from extracting vital nutrients from the blood which results in weakening of hair and finally hair start to loose grip on the scalp and fall off and due to the shrunk hair follicles the possibility of new hair growth is reduced to a very minimum chance.

How To Prevent Hair from Falling
Treating hair loss is not as difficult as people think. The only thing you have to do is to bring the level of DHT in the body to its normal self. There is a prescription drug named finasteride commonly known as propecia which can reduce the level of DHT in the body but people have reported adverse side effects of its usage such as growth of breasts in men and erectile dysfunction plus this medicine has not been accepted universally.

Using Natural Herbs To Treat Hair Loss
The use of natural medicines has many benefits the first and foremost being lack of any side effects. Herbs like gotu kola and saw palmetto have the same effect as of propecia in helping lower DHT levels but they do not cause any harm to the body instead they provide vital nutrients to the scalp area thereby helping in growth of new hair. This is the reason why so many people are turning towards the use of natural medicine to stop the loss of hair.

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Treating Arthritis Naturally

Arthritis is a painful condition that affects about 46 million Americans. The most common type is osteoarthritis, which is often age related, although it can be the result of wear and tear on the joints from fitness or sports. In Australia, a type of arthritis, gout, took center stage in the media when the socceroo Harry Kewell was thought to be suffering from it in the 2006 World Cup.

The cause for RA is unknown; however, the immune system plays a very important role in disease development. Rheumatoid arthritis occurs as a result of an abnormal immune system response, but the cause for this abnormal response has not been identified. The cause of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is not fully understood. Genes play a role in rheumatoid arthritis, but experts do not know exactly what that role is. For most people with RA, the disease does not run in their families and they do not pass it along to their children.


1. Massage the affected area daily with a mixture of 10 grams of camphor and 200 grams of mustard oil. However after mixing the required ingredients make sure you let the mixture be kept out in the sun. This is to allow the camphor dissolve.

2. There are also certain medications supposedly aimed at combating arthritis. Some of these drugs don’t come without hazardous side effects so it is still best to follow natural remedies to prevent or cure joint inflammation. Arthritis treatment need not cost someone a fortune. The safest and surest way is still through sticking to a healthy diet, or even particular exercise routines, or whatever a doctor advised a patient to do. One should not wait to get older before he starts to take care of his bones and joints.

3. Your nutrition! Your diet is the biggest factor contributing to whether you will struggle or be free of arthritis. A good rule of thumb is to always eat fresh, raw foods with as little of processing as possible. You should be eating as much water-soluble fiber as possible which includes: fresh fruits and raw vegetables.

4. The technique of acupuncture has been used for centuries by the Chinese. It is based on the theory that inserting hair-fine needles along certain energy lines can help stimulate energy flow. It is believed by scientists that the insertion causes the nervous system to release endogenous, which acts as pain-relieving chemicals. This can therefore help in reducing pain.

5. Massage is also very helpful in the treatment of arthritis as very often it eases the pain. Warm hip baths in which crushed mustard has been put in are also recommended. Two glasses of water sipped slowly first thing in the morning help circulation and helps alleviate the pain. Water must be drunk throughout the day as well, preferably eight glasses in total.

6. Boswella (Indian herb) has incredible power to heal the pain and inflammation relates to bones and joints. Recommended dosage of the herb will help to reduce the pain, redness, inflammation and stiffness. This herbal remedy improves blood circulation and provides relief from swollen joints. This anti-inflammatory herb can effectively increase the mobility of arthritis patients and help them to achieve a pain free life.

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How to Naturally Reduce Anxiety?

When an individual feels worried, the person can take the methods that can help overcome this worries. After which facing what trigger of the anxiety can really help the person reclaim control of the emotions.

A warm herbal bath is always soothing can treat anxiety. Mix a calming herb such as chamomile or lavender herb in warm water before taking a bath. Also is combining a couple of drops of essential oil into the water is also helpful. Natural herbal tea such as chamomile, hops, catnip and valerian root can aid in relieving a negative feeling of a certain individual. Chamomile is actually used for children because is it a mild herb as part of natural treatment for anxiety.

When an individual is feeling anxious it is ordinary to breathe faster and by simply being sensible of the pace of the breathing and learning to breathe deeper and more gently will help the person feel composed. Take a long deep exhale and hold in the air if it is needed. In like manner, exercise is an admirable method that lessens stresses and stops anxiety nervous. By commonly walking for at least 30 minutes each day is a known to enhance mental and physical health and deal with anxiety naturally.

Once a person has acquired these natural steps to reduce the feeling on anxiety, make a diary about mind thoughts. This is a good step in determining the root causes of stress and takes some methods to analyze these issues of life. Just write down whatever comes into your mind and you don’t need to journal with that ambition in your mind. After several weeks had come to pass, revert and read again your thoughts. You might be dazzled to notice triggers that you do not know in helping your anxiety reduce naturally.

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How to Naturally Get Rid of Anxiety?

If you begin to feel timorous, try using some natural ways to relax your mind as well as your body. Right then facing with the root cause of your anxiety can aid in regaining your control of your feelings.

One of the best options is an herbal bath that is always soothing. Put a lavender or chamomile calming herbs in the warm water that you will use in bathing. Also a couple of drops of essential oil in the water can also be a good alternative. Herbal tea also aid in appeasing the person’s condition such as catnip, valerian root, hops, and catnip and chamomile tea. Did you know that most children take chamomile tea in dealing with anxiety? Yes it’s true and it is a friendly herb as well.

When a person is feeling troubled it is usual to breath swiftly and being simply aware of the rate of the breathing and learning to exhale deeper and more gradually can aid to feel smooth. Get a long deep breath and holding in the air as if possible. In addition, exercise is an enjoyable way to avoid stress and avoid feeling troubled. Simply walking or jogging 30 minute within the day is a recognized aid to boost the physical and mental health and naturally reduce anxiety.

If these natural steps are already followed to lessen the feeling of anxiety, make a record about different ideas. This step can help you resolve the root causes of tension and take steps to determine these points in your life. Just write down whatever comes into your mind and you don’t need to journal with that ambition in your mind. Next after few weeks had gone by, return and again read your thoughts. You might be stunned to see root causes you did not anticipate in helping your anxiety be cured naturally.

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Lose Weight Naturally With a Brisk Walk

You don’t need to spend hundreds each year for a gym membership, a lot of expensive equipment or anything else for that matter, in order to lose weight. You don’t need pills or to be on a special diet either. You might be surprised to learn that you can lose a great deal of weight in a safe and a very natural way, just by taking a long, brisk walk every day.

Many people who struggle with their weight, especially those who have arthritis or other problems have already discovered the benefits of walking. It is the safest form of exercise and most people can manage at least a walk around the block each day.

The idea is to walk at a pace that gets your heart rate going. The truth is that you won’t shed too many pounds by just meandering or strolling along. You need to get sweaty for maximum benefit or you will not be optimising the amount of weight you can lose. It is possible to lose weight by walking slowly but it will take an awful long time to achieve. You need to walk at a rapid pace and keep it up for at last an hour. The faster your heart pumps the more weight you will lose.

The secret is, the more you walk the more lean muscle you will develop. Lean muscle burns more calories as you use it. This means that you burn more calories because you have more muscular mass in general.

So how much weight can you lose by walking. Keep this in mind. A pound of fat equals 3500 calories. In order to lose that one pound a week you will need to burn off 3,500 calories. When it comes to losing weight it is the amount of distance that you cover that matters. Walking for a long time at a slow pace will not do much for your weight loss efforts.

You can expect to lose at least one pound a week by walking at a moderate pace for at least a half an hour to an hour a week. Not only is walking the best thing for shedding pounds but it can also help prevent other disorders such as heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes, stroke and breast cancer. Another bonus is that walking can help keep your immune system in good working order.

If you are not used to exercising you might want to take it easy when you first start. Take care not to overdo it if you are in recovery from an illness or operation. In fact it is a really good idea to get checked out by a doctor before you begin any kind of exercise program, including a regimen to walk your weight off.

But once you have the go ahead, go ahead and shed those excess pounds with a brisk walk.

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Reduce Anxiety Naturally

When you feel anxious, you can apply the methods to typically calm yourself down. Then managing with the trigger of your anxiety can help you reclaim control of your feelings.

Herbal bath can cure anxiety because of the soothing effect. Combine the chamomile or lavender calming herbs in warm water before you take a bath. Also a couple of drops of essential oil in the water can also be a good alternative. Some of the herbal tea like valerian root, hops, chamomile and catnip are also known provider of a relaxing feeling. Chamomile is mostly used for kids because this is a delicious herb that can cure anxiety.

When you feel worried it is normal to breath rapidly and you need to be aware the speed of your breathing and working to exhale deeper and more calmly to help you feel more relax. Get a long deep exhale and holding in the air as if necessary. In addition, exercise is an enjoyable way to avoid stress and avoid feeling troubled. As simple as walking for about 30 minutes every day is known to elevate physical and mental health and naturally get rid of anxiety.

If these natural steps are already followed to lessen the feeling of anxiety, make a record about different ideas. This way can help you determine the triggers of stress and take steps to analyze these matters in your life. It is not important what your goal in your mind is but you just need to write down whatever crosses your mind. After several weeks had come to pass, revert and read again your thoughts. You might be stunned to see root causes you did not anticipate in helping your anxiety be cured naturally.

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Treating Atherosclerosis Naturally

Atherosclerosis is the result of smoking, too much fat in the diet (including cholesterol, see box” Ideal cholesterol levels “), and lack of proper exercise, coupled with excessive mental and emotional stress and strain. This causes a gradual buildup of fatty deposits – or atheroma – on the walls of the arteries, which gradually hardens or calcifies with linte and prevents the arteries from expanding and contracting as they should. Hardening of the arteries is called arteriosclerosis.

Stable plaques grow slowly over time and cause symptoms of chest pain, but they are less likely to break free and cause a heart attack. Unstable plaques, however, are the things of nightmares: they are the precursors of chest pain, heart attacks and sudden death. If they break free the victim enters the final stage – stage 5 – of atherosclerosis. Unstable plaques cause blood clots and blockages of the heart artery and death of the associated heart muscle – a heart attack which may be fatal to the victim.


1. Because there are rarely any symptoms associated with the onset of this condition, every person is at risk to be affected by atherosclerosis. Heart disease is a silent threat that is ever-present from the accumulation of plaque in the arteries without the person being aware of the danger.

2. he fat eaten should be a blending of different types of unsaturated fat from sources like: Olive oil, rape oil, sunflower oil, soy oil, walnut oil and fish. Then you will get enough of mono-unsaturated fat, omega-3-unsaturated fat, and omega-6-poly-unsaturated fat, but not too much of any of them.

3. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant within your body’s fluids. Studies have shown that by taking vitamin C supplements, you can lower your cholesterol and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis disease.

4. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant within your body’s fats. Studies have shown that by taking vitamin E supplements, atherosclerosis disease progression, the development of coronary thrombosis and heart attacks can be reduced.

5. Alternative therapies combining a range of physical and psychological approaches have been shown by Dr. Dean Omish in the United States to halt and even reverse atherosclerosis. Particularly successful seem to be those involving a healthy diet with food supplements, exercise, yoga, massage, and relaxation therapy, counseling and other “talking therapies” linked to close social support.

6. A combination of two nutrients vitamin C (1,000 mgs) and amino acid lysine (30 mgs) taken daily appears to reverse atherosclerosis according to Pauling and Rath. Vitamin E is considered a highly effective way of reducing high blood pressure (400i.u daily) recommended. Supplementing a combination of these nutrients is more effective long term that drugs designed to lower blood pressure – they deal with the cause of the problem rather than the symptom.

7. As a preventative measure, oral chelation supports a range of body functions. Through detoxification, heavy metals that combine with unhealthy LDL cholesterol, calcium carbonate and fatty acids to form plaque that harden on artery walls and can lead to heart disease are bound in the bloodstream and flushed from the body.

Increase Female Libido Naturally

Female libido problems are common – but do not despair, here we show you some natural herbs which if combined, will increase your libido and overall well-being while…

There are numerous causes of female libido problems and here are some of the most common:
It has been proven that estrogen plays a key role in female sexuality.

Low estrogen levels are associated with lack of desire, arousal, and that can cause sexual problems to be painful.

Lack of testosterone is a very important cause and at the same time seen as the male sexual hormone for women in need.

Another common cause is poor blood circulation and sexual depends on pump blood to the genitals doubled in volume, then your heart beats faster as soon as you become aroused. While you need blood pumped to the sexual organs the blood also has to be here and leave nitric oxide plays a key role allowing the blood vessels to relax enough to allow a greater flow of blood to enter.

Mood also plays a key role in female sexuality. Mental stress, fatigue and anxiety can all affect libido. It is therefore important that the mind is properly nourished, receives sufficient oxygenated blood, and has correct hormonal balance.

Female Libido – How to increase libido naturally, Herbs to increase libido

The herbs below will all come together to solve all the problems above and not only will they lift libido – they will also lift mind, spirit and a better sense of well being. Today can be found in the best female herbal pills; let’s look at them and how they increase female libido naturally.

Shatavari-Asparagus / (Asparagus Racemosus) – This herb strengthens and increases muscle tone and increases the overall mass strength. It also helps to moisten dry tissue, of female sexual organs and increases levels of testosterone.

Damiana Extract (Turnera aphrodisiaca)-This herb helps relax the whole body and is known to relieve anxiety, depression and headaches, fatigue and balance female hormone levels and control hot flashes.

Avena Sativa -Avena Sativa helps the body relax and know that, to increase the sensitivity of the vagina.

Ginseng Eleuthero Herb-Ginseng helps to promote general well-being, vitality, performance and libido. Your goal is to stimulate the hypothalamus-pituitary gland, which secretes adrenal corticotropin hormone (ACTH), then it binds to brain cells and the result is – enhanced mood and more energy.

Schisandra- Schisandra treats a variety of menopausal symptoms. The herb increases blood flow to the pelvic floor and extracts of Schisandra act as a phytoestrogen which is crucial for female libido.

Chorak or Dong Quai Herb- Dong Quai is seen by many as the “ultimate herb” for women and with good reason. It has numerous health benefits and is used to restore a balance of hormones and women’s cycles, helps restore menstrual regularity, and aids conditions of the reproductive system. It is also an excellent herb for blood circulation and health and source of nutrients essential to the welfare and increase the female sexuality.

All above to check for the greater good and Libido

You can get all the herbs and other over the best herbal sexulaity for women, to combat physical and mental problems that can cause low libido and you can do it naturally, as nature intended and enjoy better health and a better life sexual – Try the natural route to higher libido and you’ll be glad you did.

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