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Get Rid of Cellulite – Only the Right Exercises Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite reduction is one of the most sought after beauty and body goals for women of all ages. Unfortunately its also one of the most dishonest segments of both the beauty and fitness industries – costing women billions of dollars every year – with no cellulite reduction results to show for their efforts or their money.

Here is a recent interview on the subject of cellulite reduction through properly targeted exercise, between two international fitness personalities:


Joey, one of the most common questions I’ve been asked over the years is:

“Is Cellulite a special kind of body fat”?

What’s the inside answer to that question?


Body fat is body fat – Doesn’t matter if it’s in your neck, your arms, your butt or your tummy. This issue has been laboritory tested several times – and every time the results prove that “cellulite” is plain old fat. But slick marketers have convinced many women otherwise. And by doing this – they are able to convince women with cellulite that the only possible way to get rid of cellulite is by applying some sort of localized cream or special massage technique – or something along those lines.

Joey, many folk fall victim to the fast easy fix “sales pitches” in regards to their “Cellulite”. What do you find is the biggest misconception about Cellulite Treatments – and their side effects?


The biggest misconception is that “they’re supposed to work” – and when they dont – the user thinks their genetics are the main reason for their ‘cellulite condition’…

Regarding side effects – there are so many gizmos, gimmicks and ‘magic’ creams – that they each present unique side effects… Best case scenario is you’ve wasted a lot of money and learned a very valuable lesson – and the worst case scenario is you’ve scarred yourself for life with a harsh skin treatment which leaves permanent damage.


What do you want to say to those ladies out there who have battled Cellulite and feel that their only option may be to have liposuction?


First and foremost – Lipo can only suck out fat – it can NOT suck out the dimpled skin…

Second – lipo can make a woman’s cellulite more pronounced – you’d be shocked to see how many women have experienced this. Not many of them are willing to step forward – because they are embarrassed.

Third – there’s only one proven way to get rid of the dimpled appearance of a woman’s trouble spots – and that’s by enhancing the muscle layers directly beneath the “cellulite” area.

Joey, why do you think that women who know that exercise and healthy eating will make a difference with cellulite give up and don’t always get the results they want?


A cellulite reduction exercise program is very different than a ‘general fitness’ program. So when a woman decides to ‘try exercise’ to get rid of her cellulite – most times she is put on a general fitness routine – which will not deliver the desired result.

Sure her general fitness will improve. But there will be things missing from her program that specifically target the cellulite zones in ways that stimulate those specific muscle layers to firm up and gently ‘push out’ against the outer layer of the skin. Without those elements – the dimpled skin doesn’t go away.

With specific exercises that target the muscle layers directly beneath the cellulite areas – the skin gets the tightly smoothed look.

How does a cellulite specific exercise program differ from other programs?

There are women who love how they look when fully dressed. They are very happy with their weight… BUT – they can’t stand the thought of seeing themself naked in the mirror – or being seen in public, in a bikini – or even making love with the lights on… All this type of woman wants is to get rid of the ‘cottage cheese’, ‘orange peel’ looking skin.

She doesn’t want to lose weight – maybe just firm and lift a bit… And she really doesn’t want a full blown ‘gym routine’… Ideally, all she wants is something that targets the issue of her cellulite and gets rid of it… That’s exactly what a cellulite targeted exercise program does. Her priority is cellulite removal – Not living a total lifestyle that revolves around the gym.

So the exercises have nothing to do with typical weights and machines – but rather, they consist of specific body movements, in a certain tempo and order.

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Guy Droog the founder of is a vivid body builder. He has done a research on how to get rid of cellulite. You know more about that in his website

Is Levitra the only solution to ED?

You might assume that overcoming erectile dysfunction is as easy as taking a pill and dancing with your lover around the bedroom in a few minutes. However, it is not that easy, and it can cost you a big buck. For instance, one blue pill costs around $15. Unfortunately, you won’t get insurance for such costs, even though most men, who reach 65 years of age undergo ED.

Around 30 millions of men in the US suffer ED. Almost one third of males in their 50s are undergoing it, and even more do when they get over 60.

If you think that taking Viagra two times a week is the best solution, you could end up spending about $1,500 per year. In case you are lucky enough to get the coverage for your medicines, you will have a bill with around $500 costs. And the most discouraging thing is that most of the ED drugs don’t work well for nearly half of men, who undergo it.

However, there are other medications for the dysfunction. Some of which can turn out being even more affordable then the widely known medicines. The fact is that there are no men, who can’t be helped with their erectile dysfunction.

At first, it’s necessary to visit a doctor that is specialized in ED and let him check your general health condition. In case your primary doctor can’t recommend you anything, you can always address the Sexual Medicine Society and inquire a medical referral.

Often, ED is the symptom of some problem like hypertension or diabetes. As a matter of fact, among younger males, erectile troubles are frequently the first signs of cardiovascular disorder. Young men can suffer erectile problems up to three years prior to a stroke or heart attack.

That is because blood-plate will begin to hinder the small penis arteries before the larger coronary arteries. The physician will try to define if your erectile dysfunction is the consequence of a psychological matter, in case of which they will advise you to refer to a specialist. In dependence with your policy, your underwriter might cover a particular number of visits. Thus, you would have to pay a closer attention to this issue.

When you adopt a healthier lifestyle, you will be able to better your overall health and recover your erectile functioning.

In a recent research on ED and the risk of its development, Italian researchers concluded that the males might better their erectile abilities by losing their weight, bettering their diets, and doing more frequent physical exercises. After 2 years of perceptible changes in the lifestyle, 58% of men showed normal erectile abilities, in accordance to the research, which was posted in the January issues of Journal of Sexual Medicine.

However, changes in your lifestyle might be hard to make and might take months before taking effect. During this period, your physician will possibly prescribe a PDE-5 inhibitor, like Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis. These medicines improve the nitric oxide effects, which help to augment flow of blood to the penis. These three drugs work in the same manner, but distinguish in the periods they need for effect and how long it lasts.

This is, probably the best solution in such condition. You may consider to order Levitra online, which is not a bad decision at all, since when you want to buy cheap Levitra, Viagra, or Cialis, Internet is the best way to save on your costs and receive a quality product.

The significant thing you have to remember is that if these inhibitors don’t work for you, you shouldn’t give up. In 40% of cases, it is the patient’s mistake, which causes the medicine to fail in its effect. Carefully follow the doctor’s instructions and you will work all things out.

About Author
To see what Steven Johnson has written on different topics visit and find him there. Steven Johnson has dedicated his work to helping people understand better the subject he writes about.

Imagine Your Most Delicious Recipes Delighting Family and Guests While Using Only Half The Fat!

In just ten minutes you can cut half the fat out of your best recipes while boosting nutrition- guaranteed! And you don’t even have to alter the baking method OR the taste.

How would you like to be able to cut out half the fat from your favorite recipes? And what if you could do it without altering the taste or baking method?

It would be a cook’s dream! And now, the solution is finally within your grasp. One simple ingredient can cut half the butter/oil/shortening from your recipes. If you can use a measuring spoon, you can unlock all the delightful health and cooking secrets of the greatest new addition to baking.

What could be so amazing, and how does it work?

Please allow me to explain the Chia Seed to you. You may have already heard of Chia, in the form of a Chia Pet. Indeed, these are the very same seeds…only these seeds are 100% natural, selected and packaged for food grade consumption. Don’t dismiss these as some novelty, though! Food-grade chia is serious business for your health and cooking. Carefully selected plants produce a mixture of black and white seeds for optimized nutrition. Every tiny seed is packed with fiber, omega-3 oil, anti-oxidants, complete protein, and so much more.

So you may be saying to yourself “Sure, these sound healthy, but what does this have to do with my most delicious brownie recipe?” That’s the next step, and one of the unique features of Chia. When you mix the seeds with water or any other liquid, they hydrate. This means that each seed will form a big bead of gel around the outside; which is made of whatever liquid you hydrated them in. The gel has the consistency of a gelatin snack, and is not easily removed from the seed’s surface. You can actually watch the process in action with the following recipe.

Chia Gel Recipe:
1 tbsp dry Chia seeds
9 tbsp filtered water (or other liquid)
Stir together the Chia and water with a fork, to prevent clumping. Leave the mixture alone for 10-15 minutes on the counter top. When you return, the bowl or glass will not be full of water any more. Instead, you will see a thick gelatin, with the seeds suspended inside. It will slide, but not pour. You’ve turned 1 tablespoon of seeds into 9 tablespoons of useful gel. This is Chia Gel, and it can be used instead of butter or oil in recipes.

Chia gel is as easy to use as butter or oil. It will keep for 1 week in a covered container in the refrigerator. (if you don’t cover it, it will dry up) Simply scoop the gel with a tablespoon measure, and add it to your recipes just as you would butter.

Why does it work so well?
Chia Seeds don’t have any flavor of their own. Instead, they take on the taste of whatever you add them to, and distribute that flavor. In that way, they can actually amplify flavors, and make your cooking even MORE delicious! But, be sure to use filtered water when you hydrate the seeds, or any unsavory flavors in your tap-water will be magnified. The healthy omega-3 oils and soluble fiber gelling action go to work moistening and enhancing the tastes in your recipe.

For example:
If “Grandma’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies” recipe calls for 8 tablespoons of butter, use 4 tablespoons of butter and 4 tablespoons of chia gel. Bake the cookies just as you normally would.

Are there any side effects?
No, there are only side-benefits! The exterior of the Chia seed holds on to moisture, ensuring your baked goods don’t dry out while cooking, and stay moist and rich-tasting for longer. These seeds also have high levels of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are more than good for your body, they’re nature’s healthy preservative. They are what allows the seed to be dry-stored safely for over 2 years, without ever going rancid, or decreasing in effectiveness. Don’t try that with flax or millet, they’ll go rancid as the oils inside spoil! It’s these same anti-oxidants that keep food baked with chia fresh for longer periods.

B-vitamins in my banana bread?
It’s not as far-fetched as you’d think. Baked goods like muffins, cookies and breads are usually considered for dessert…and they’re not considered to be loaded with nutrition. While Chia seeds can’t turn your pancakes into the nutritional equivalent of broccoli, they can add extra nutrition to the things you already like to eat. You don’t even have to cook with them, you can just sprinkle them onto any food that’s ‘wet’ enough so that the seeds don’t just bounce right off. What exactly do you add to foods when you add chia?
Anti-oxidants- for heart health and to combat inflammation
A full range of b-vitamins- necessary for energy
23% complete protein- to build strong bodies, and keep your energy up
6 times more calcium by weight than milk- for healthy bones in children & adults
Boron- a trace mineral your body needs to effectively absorb calcium
Soluble & Insoluble fiber- reduce the risk of colon cancer, and help clean up the intestines to avoid problems like diverticulitis

No ordinary baked good can pack in all of the above, but when you start using chia, you’ll be able to add all that in, on top of cutting out half the fat. It’s time to take your home-made foods to the next level with Chia Seeds. You can easily use them in your own recipes, or use easily available Chia Seed Recipes online too! You and your family deserve the best nutrition and the best flavor,  and you can get it right now with MySeeds Chia!

About Author
This author enjoys baking, writing cook books and photography. You can learn much more about how the Chia Seed can help you with photos, videos facts and more at , plus don’t forget to pick up your 2 Free Chia Cook Books and get free shipping!

Only Fear is Fear Itself – From a Witness of SARS 2003 in China

Dear all:

Fears of a global swine flu pandemic are growing with new infections in the United States, Mexico and now worldwide. Is swine flu ‘the big one’ or a flu that fizzles? All people are asking these questions and get concerned, including you all.

But don’t be afraid, all my colleagues in HandbagVIP.

Remember when 2003 SARS affected, all around the street, all people were warding mask, nobody dared go out, and the whole street are empty. The whole company of HandbagVIP are there at Canton Fair and with the foreign buyers who visit the fair, lower to be only 30% than past years. We were so cared and felt very depressed in the mind at the beginning.

The worse came later. I was isolated then due to fever and all the people around me in the company are scared, including me. I told myself that I was ready for any worst case. When I was in hospital I found some of the people like me died.

But finally SARS is cured and all our life go back to normal. This is due to decisive and effective action of the government. What I learned from this experience is that our social system has got enough experience in curing SARS, and we have experienced it one time so we know all will be ok by the medical treatment. Our business grows 300% after the Canton Fair, since lots of other factories & companies did not attend the show, due to the fear and lots of buyers turned to us as suppliers—some of their original suppliers went bankrupt after that actually.

Now, seems the situation happened again. We get not SARS but swine flu this time, and again HandbagVIP is now in Canton Fair. Let us be cool and calm, we are sure we can go through it. —At the least, according to the report, best thing about swine flu, is we know what virus it is, when in 2003 we did not even knew what SARS is.

Lastly let us remember: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.


Bill Daniel

This is an internal email from Bill to all staffs of HandbagVIP April 27, 2009.

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