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Teeth Whitening – Explore Your Options in Depth

Having white teeth seems to be all of the rage these days and with good reason. It is a sad reality but it seems as though one needs to have good looks in order to advance themselves in their careers or personal lives. Having white teeth allows you to make a great first impression, and we all know just how important that is. Imagine going for an interview and walking into the interview with stained or discolored teeth. The odds of the interviewer hiring you based on appearances alone are pretty slim to none.

In term of whitening your teeth, you generally have two main options. The first option is to visit a dental professional and having them whiten your teeth by means of a laser or gel. Now there really isn’t anything wrong with this option, other than the fact that it is going to cost you an arm and a leg. Some of these treatments can run you thousands and thousands of dollars and unless the recession hasn’t affected your finances, your best bet would be the second option.

The second option is to take matters into your own hands and whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home. This method is often overlooked, but there are many benefits to whitening your teeth at home. For one thing, it is highly cost effective and affordable. All one needs to do is to purchase a kit and follow the instructions that come with it. But most importantly, many of these home teeth bleaching kits are just as good in brightening your smile as the first option.

Whichever option you choose, just be sure to be consistent and adhere to all of the instructions that go along with the treatment. These home whitening kits are only known to be effective if the instructions are followed to the letter.

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The Career Fitness Program: Exercising Your Options

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The Career Fitness Program: Exercising Your Options

Maternity / Pregnancy Insurance Options in North Carolina

There’s not much information available online regarding strategies for planning to pay for maternity, including delivery and prenatal care in North Carolina, so I’ve decided to write this article to provide a little insight on the issue.

If you are currently pregnant, your options, in order of desirability, are Medicaid, group insurance, and prepayment plans. After you are pregnant, it is not possible to issue an individual policy. Application will automatically be declined. If you are in the process of planning your pregnancy, the best options for minimizing your maternity costs are Medicaid, group insurance, individual insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield, prepayment plans, in order of descending desirability.

The average total maternity charges submitted to Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina in 2007 was $20,015 per pregnancy 1. A patient may be required to pay this full amount, however many families negotiate with hospitals and providers to pay a discounted rate when the only option is to pay out of pocket.

When planning to cover the costs of maternity the four primary options in North Carolina are as follows:

1. Group maternity insurance coverage. This is often the most advantageous way to pay for maternity costs because many group policies cover maternity for all females on the policy without an additional rider. Also, if you are already pregnant, and don’t meet the income requirements for Medicaid, this is your best shot at getting your pregnancy covered by an insurance company. Additionally, some group policies do

not consider pregnancy a preexisting condition, so this is a good option to consider if you are already pregnant.

After the charges have been submitted to the insurance company, it is worthwhile to ask the hospital if you can get a discount by paying the deductible in full as opposed to making payments over time. I am aware of instances where the deductible has been discounted for a prompt payment in full.

2. Individual maternity insurance coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield. At the date of this writing, I am only aware of one individual health insurance company in North Carolina that offers coverage for maternity. The company is Blue Cross Blue Shield and the policies are Blue Advantage® and Blue Options HSA sm. I am not aware of any individual health insurance policy that will cover you after you are already pregnant. HumanaOne previously offered an individual maternity policy, but has since discontinued it. I am generally skeptical of small health insurance companies, if you are even able to find one that offers maternity, because they are often on tight budgets and as a result their policies often contain ungainly loopholes.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield individual policy is somewhat similar to a prepayment plan through a hospital, as the premiums for adding the maternity rider are fairly substantial. However, the benefit of the policy is that, in the event of a pregnancy that involves complications, your costs are much more predictable. Pregnancies with complications are often significantly more expensive than a normal delivery, so this option is more desirable than a straight prepayment plan.

Blue Cross Blue Shield’s maternity plan uses the deductible and coinsurance of the plan it is attached to, so it is important to evaluate the varying cost of maternity riders within the context of the deductible and coinsurance of each plan. For example, suppose the maternity rider for a plan was $350 per month. Suppose this plan has a $2,500 deductible with 100% coinsurance. Now the total cost for the pregnancy over the course of a year is $350 times 12 months = $4,200 + the $2,500 deductible = $6,700 for the pregnancy. Now, suppose a second plan had a maternity rider for $450 per month. Suppose this plan has a $1,500 deductible with 100% coinsurance. Now the pregnancy would cost $450 times 12 months = $5,400 + the $1,500 deductible = $6,900. With this hypothetical scenario, the first option is better even though the deductible is higher. The purpose of this example is the illustrate the importance of paying attention to how much it costs to lower your deductible.

With Blue Cross Blue Shield’s maternity plan, it is also important to plan the timing of the pregnancy. The individual deductible reset every January 1st, so it is best to start a maternity policy at the beginning of the year and start trying to get pregnant at that point. Otherwise, the pregnancy will overlap calender years and you may have to meet your deductible more than once.

3. Medicaid maternity coverage. Visit the state website for application instructions and income eligibility requirements.

4. Prepayment plans. I you are already pregnant, a prepayment plan is a last resort. In this case, you should contact the prenatal and delivery caregivers to negotiate a prepay rate. Many hospitals offer discounts for paying out of pocket in advance. When conducting prepayment negotiations it is important to be very specific about what is covered by the arrangement and if the price includes complications of pregnancy, or only normal delivery.


Overall, from a financial perspective, Medicaid is typically the least expensive option, followed by group insurance. Individual maternity with Blue Cross Blue Shield is the third most desirable as a measure to minimize the cost of unexpected complications of pregnancy. The fourth option is the prepayment plan negotiated directly with the provider.

NC Maternity Pregnancy Insurance Coverage

1. Average charges submitted to BCBSNC for maternity services, professional and hospital etc. in 2007. Your charges may vary.

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David Goebelt has been a licensed health insurance agent with Blue Cross Blue Shield for the past four years, two of which were spent brokering health insurance between multiple companies.

Insurance Options For Visitors And Immigrants To The Usa

Travelers and immigrants are likely to fall ill due to weather and food related changes while exploring different locations and health insurance will cover for medical expenses in such cases. Visitors medical insurance plans are health insurance plans designed specially for those going to foreign countries as tourists or visitors. Visitors medical insurance gives coverage not only in case of illness but also for accidents that happen when least anticipated. As the name suggests visitor medical insurance is ideal for those who visit overseas nations and expect medical coverage outside their home country. However these plans can also be applicable to new immigrants in the USA.

Immigrant insurance plans are also available in different types by various insurers. The wide variety of immigrant and visitors medical insurance plans is an opportunity for immigrants and travelers to purchase the right policy that suits their individual requirements. There are two popular categories of visitors/immigrants medical insurance coverage they are as follows;

* Short term, visitor medical insurance — most of the travelers visit foreign countries as tourists to explore various destinations and lifestyles. While overseas as a tourist one should be covered under a proper medical insurance and visitors medical insurance is the best option. Visitors medical insurance covers tourists for unexpected accidents, medical evacuation, repatriation mortal remains, prescription drugs, etc.

* Longer term immigrant medical insurance — travelers who are making long term overseas stay, and not yet eligible for the domestic insurance coverage in the new country will find visitors insurance attractive. For instance Green Card holders or H1B, H4, L1, L2 visas are longer terms residents in the US and can purchase visitors medical insurance plans. Travelers can also make use of the option of buying immigrant health insurance if your requirements are not satisfied under visitors medical insurance.

Visitors medical insurance plans by prominent insurers are available on the internet to purchase. Customers can access free quotes of visitor medical insurance plans online. The coverage period, benefits and exclusions vary from one age group to the other. Visitors can make an informed decision by selecting the best and affordable visitors medical insurance plan that suit their requirements. Travelers can use a credit card to buy visitors medical insurance plan online. Once the transaction is complete, visitors will be instantly covered under visitors insurance plan. Most of the visitors and Immigrant medical insurance plans are renewable and customers can easily get it done by contacting the provider. Visitors and Immigrant medical insurance assures the insured of a peaceful stay outside one’s home country by having proper medical coverage.

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You can compare visitors insurance plans by entering your age. Immigrant Medical Insurance is for Immigrants who plan to travel and stay in a foreign country can also purchase visitors health insurance.

Travel Insurance Options For International Travelers

It is better to learn about insurance options that are popular among the visitors before buying. Normally visitors use the web to purchase visitors insurance since there are websites with useful tools to compare different insurance plans.

Trip Insurance — visitors who are going overseas for a short vacation can purchase Trip insurance (like a cruise, or a week away in the Caribbean or Europe) to get coverage. Trip insurance provides coverage for medical expenses, dental expenses, prescription drug costs, emergency medical evacuation, baggage loss, trip interruption, trip cancellation… Visitors can safeguard themselves from these unexpected events by receiving financial assistance from the insurance company.

Visitor Insurance — this plan is ideal for Indians and Chinese who are visiting the USA for 3 to 6 months. Visitors medical insurance benefits, exclusions, premium costs, deductibles vary according to the age group. Various visitors insurance plans can be compared online by entering visitor’s age group. Most of the visitors medical insurance plans cover the health of the traveler during their sojourn overseas, but it has limited coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Immigrant Insurance is for visitors who are relocating to the US and need insurance till they are eligible for the American Insurance can buy immigrant insurance. Immigrant medical insurance plan covers the insured for hospitalization expenses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of mortal remains… within the policy period. There are some immigrant insurance plans that also cover for pre-existing conditions after a certain period of coverage.

Some insurers offer a lot of flexibility for visitors while providing the policies. Visitors should also consider whether they are buying fixed benefit plan or comprehensive benefit under visitors medical insurance. There will be difference in premium cost and deductibles according to the plan chosen. The purchase facility for visitors insurance is made convenient on the internet. There is no need of any paper work or waiting in the queue to buy visitors medical insurance plan. There will be an online application to complete for the visitors to make purchase of visitors insurance online.

After completing the application a credit card can be used by the visitors to complete the transaction. Immediately after the transaction, you will receive a virtual insurance ID card by email. Even after going out of the home country customers can conveniently request for further extension of visitors medical insurance policy. Most visitor insurance policies are renewable, though some of them expect an minimum period of coverage initially before they can be renewed.

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Visitor Insurance is a unique insurance option for visitors going overseas for a few months. You can get these details on visitors medical insurance compare tool designed by the American Visitor Insurance which will help the customers to evaluate visitors insurance policies.

Area dental insurance carriers fill in options to draw enrollees. : An article from: San Diego Business Journal

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Area dental insurance carriers fill in options to draw enrollees. : An article from: San Diego Business Journal

Family Health Insurance – Weigh Your Options

In the search for a family health insurance plan that is affordable, you will note that more often than not, the plan is not an affordable one. Individual health insurance is something that may be available at a reasonable rate, but it is not the same for family medical insurances. More often, the charges are too much to afford. Many families go for medical insurances for their families from reliable and reputed providers at first, but then in the long run, they cannot afford it. Often, a fully beneficial plan that a major medical brand offers may come in the form of employee benefit packages.

You may even work for an organization that does not offer coverage for other members of your family in the form of family health insurance. What they offer however is individual coverage which is good for the employee, but leaves the family members in a vulnerable state. Moreover, self employed people tend to look for their own coverage. With the number of downsized people rising everyday, some of us may find the COBRA option an alternative, although it can get expensive to afford. In such a situation, finding an affordable family health insurance plan is something of a challenge. It is not a difficult task to look for individual medical insurance as it offers a lot of easy and safe options to the policy holders.

In individual medical insurances, the benefits are more and it does not necessarily have to be an expensive plan. However, when it comes to a family medical insurance plan, you need to weigh your options. It is best by far to take down the requisites and following advantages on paper to see whether you will be able to offer a higher amount of deductible. This will actually go a long way in determining the extent of your investments. In fact, your rates may even be lowered if you follow an intelligently planned approach.

Coming up with a deductible that is worth $500 is of course easier than chancing upon a $2000 deductible. However, the rates will be higher if you follow the $500 value. This is however something that depends on the insurance provider you are after. You could actually lessen the rates of your family medical insurance plans if you go for a large deductible. There is something else that you should remember as well – which is getting insurance with a higher deductible.

In case there is an accident or illness, the amount of the large deductible will be nothing compared to the amount that you would have to otherwise pay without the deductible in your medical insurance coverage for the family. In case you want an affordable plan for medical health insurance, you need to keep all your options open as flexibility will give you an idea of knowing what it is you are looking for. This will subsequently lead to shop for comparison rates as well as locating the right medical insurance plan for your family members.

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Check out the quotes of family health insurance that they offer and then settle for the affordable prices. For further details about family health insurance, please visit our website.

Options for Achieving Affordable Health Insurance

The cost of private health insurance has risen substantially over the last ten years to cover the rising cost associated with incorporating new technological advancements. Even still there are clear options to gain more affordable health insurance rates, which are discussed in this article.

Take Out a Basic Plan

Health insurance plans range from basic to comprehensive. If an individual has a tight budget it may be better taking out a very basic plan with lower rates than having no health protection at all. Basic plans will still cover vital impatient treatments, consultations, scans and diagnostic tests. As a result, the policyholder will be covered for illnesses that pose the most risk to a healthy life. It is the additional benefits such as alternative medicines and physiotherapy that will not usually be covered.

Implement an Excess

Implementing an excess can significantly reduce the rates charged. With an excess there is less chance that multiple claims will be made and therefore the risk for the insurer is vastly reduced. In this way the policyholder can gain affordable cover and still be covered in case a serious ailment arises. If an individual takes out a policy with an excess it is a sensible idea to keep some funds in a separate bank account to ensure the excess can be met should a claim need to be made.

Compare Policy Rates

It is always wise to compare the rates offered by a number of different insurers. Due to differences in underwriting techniques some providers will quote a more affordable rate than others simply based on your particular demographic. Health insurance brokers can be used to compare both the rates offered by multiple insurers and the policy coverage.

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