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PCOS Hair Problems

Hormones indirectly or directly control the various bodily functions and systems. Therefore a disorder whichs affects the parts that produce hormones may entirely affect the whole body too.

The Hormones that control the sexual characteristics of women as well as their ovulation cycles are progesterone and estrogen. While for males, it is the androgen testosterone that controls their sexual development. Both females and males have both female and male hormones; they will only differ in their concentrations. A minor imbalance or an increase in one of these hormones could have a drastic effect to someone’s body.

Direct Cause

Due to PCOS causing over secretion of the male androgen women may have secondary male characteristics. A big problem caused by this is the hair loss which women with PCOS sometimes experience.

The testosterone in the woman’s body is changed to dihydrotestosterone. Then it binds itself to the hair follicles and this will cause the new hair to be a lot much thinner. Each cycle of hair growth produces thinner hair until it becomes unnoticeable and falls off.

This increase in the male hormone is part of the syndrome; therefore PCOS hair loss is merely an effect of the hypeandrogenismincreased levels of the male androgen. Do note though that this problem is not permanent. This means that in the treatment of PCOS, if the testosterone-estrogen balance is restored or the testosterone levels are restored, the hair loss side effect can gradually disappear.

PCOS Fertility Issues

Irregular menstrual periods are often related to fertility problems and are also another symptom of PCOS.

Fertility gives life. Therefore when one has fertility issues this could mean that she is infertile and cannot get pregnant or is having problems getting pregnant. Read the rest of this entry »

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