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Common Treatments For Hemorrhoids

Before it happens to them, very few people ever take notice to available treatments for hemorrhoids. Upon realizing that they need treatment they’re presented with multiple treatment options to which they really have no clue about It’s important to note thatsometimes hemorrhoids temporary and caused by pregnancy increasing pressure on the veins in the bowels. These hemorrhoids should shrink on their own once the child is born and mild treatments like the use of a sitz bath should be enough to ease the symptoms. If you’re with child and are suffering from hemorrhoids, do not take any medication such as ointments or creams without talking with your physician first.

For those who have chronic bouts with hemorrhoids, the common over the counter medication such as suppositories, creams and ointments do very little to relieve the symptoms and in some cases can actually make the symptoms worse. Instead of healing they can actually prolong the healing process but amazingly they are usually the first treatments that people try.

Since hemorrhoids are caused by a variety of things there is not one blanket treatment that fits everybody. Some people may develop hemorrhoids because they simply sit too much. If that is what you suspect caused your hemorrhoids the treatment may be as simple as making sure you stand up at least once an hour to take the pressure off of your bottom or perhaps use an air doughnut to sit on.

Hemorrhoids can also be caused by bad dietary choices which lead to a harder than normal stool or constipation. If this is the cause of your hemorrhoids, using a hemorrhoid sitz bath or taking stool softeners is not going to make them go away permanently. You must make some dietary changes that might include eating bulkier foods like vegetables and including more bran and fiber in your diet. You should also increase your fluid intake.

When hemorrhoid symptoms get severe, many doctors will recommend surgical procedures which may include laser treatments, cryotherapy or surgical removal of the hemorrhoids. This is usually followed up with a daily regiment of multiple sitz baths plus the advised increase in fluids and leafy green vegetables.

The problem with traditional treatments.

The most commonly used treatment for hemorrhoids is the sitz bath, which like other treatments such as stool softeners, ointments and even surgical procedures does nothing to get to the root cause of the hemorrhoids. Without looking at what caused your hemorrhoids in the first place it is difficult to be confident that won’t be experiencing the same symptoms over and over again.

To truly prevent the hemorrhoids from returning you may have to make some lifestyle changes, some of which can effectively begin the healing process in a very short amount of time. The right changes can not only heal your hemorrhoids but may prevent you from ever getting them again. So before you begin any symptom treatment like the sitz bath you may want to investigate how you can solve your hemorrhoid problem in a more natural and long term way.

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