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Sports Insurance – For Every Active Life

Mainstream insurance companies can, frankly, be a little unfair. One is urged to lead an active life; to participate in sport; to stay off the booze and generally keep fit. This, one is told, will promote health, happiness and a long life. Which really ought to be all to the good, as far as insurance companies are concerned. So, when one gets told that one’s participation in said sports could actually void one’s life insurance/health insurance, one feels, perhaps, a little ticked off. Well, un-tick and listen up, because there’s good news at the end of this particular annoying tunnel. Sports insurance, thanks to the egalitarian nature of the World Wide Web, is now readily available even for the enthusiastic amateur – which means his or her slavering insurance company now has no choice but to pay up when payment is due. Hooray!

One can understand the position of the bog standard insurer, of course. If the clients are off throwing themselves down ice-covered slopes, or charging around in the mud with a lot of enormous men, for example, then it’s only logical that standard premiums might not do the trick any more. One can’t take out personal injury insurance and then dive into a boxing ring against a 19 stone Neanderthal: it just doesn’t work. The unfair bit comes when one considers that, without sports insurance, a personal injury policy may not pay out for the sports man or woman even when he or she is nowhere near the sport of his or her choice. Effectively, if he or she routinely does get in the ring with a 19 stone ape, then he or she may not be covered for, say, slipping on an icy pavement and rupturing a disc – even if the aforementioned gorilla is nowhere to be seen and there isn’t a pair of boxing gloves in sight.

Companies like Lockton Sports, who have made a very special name for themselves by brokering insurance deals for all sorts of sports, at all levels of competition and involvement, are now publically available for the average man or woman in the street. That means that sports insurance designed by professionals and negotiated by the top men and women in the game can be bought by anyone – and that, in turn, means that normal insurance policies have to pay out when they ought. No common or garden insurer, be he or she however so picky, can baulk at full cover against any eventuality for the sport a person is regularly involved in. The message is clear. If one’s private life (or professional life, for that matter) involves leaping into the squared circle and going 10 rounds with a chap who looks like a freight train – get the right sports insurance and protect the rest of one’s accident liability. Properly covered, a person can do anything without fear that his or her actions will nullify a normal insurance policy.

The only way to be properly covered, of course, is to go to a sports insurance provider that knows what it is about. Choose a professional company that routinely insures actual athletes as well as Sunday leaguers. That way, there’s no room for error: and, with insurance, that’s exactly the kind of margin a person needs.

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Variety of tailor made sports insurance products to cater professional footballers, agents and local sport associations. Lockton Sports offers personalized services and great insurance products.

Sports Nutrition – The Best Body Toners

As an athlete one needs increased levels of energy and stamina for all sports activities. Fad diets these days lack essential nutrients so a regular supply of sports nutrition supplements should be considered during tough training sessions. Most athletes these days are taking sports nutrition supplements whether it is for building muscles or increasing endurance. These supplements are known to provide necessary vitamins and minerals required to maintain adequate energy levels during rigorous sporting activities.

Sports nutrition supplements are helpful for the body to perform several functions. These nutritional supplements not only help in muscle building but also boost metabolism rates, help in faster recoveries during injury, and boost energy levels. Ripple Creek offers a range of sports nutrition supplements ranging from muscle building supplements to endurance sports nutrition supplements. These nutritional supplements can naturally increase energy levels in the body.

Amino acids are taken by body builders around the globe as muscle building supplements. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and play a major role in building lean muscle tissue. Amino acids that are not produced by the body can be supplemented in the diet. L-Lysine is one amino acid believed to help in building muscle protein and to aid in recovery from sports injuries. It also assists in calcium absorption, tissue repair, and enzyme production. Research also shows that L-Lysine can also help in fighting viruses that cause cold sores and herpes. Siberian Ginseng tablets contain Siberian Ginseng, which are well known adaptogens that have been used since ancient times to build stamina and endurance. These sports nutrition supplements can also avoid stress and fatigue. It can also promote fitness and mental alertness.

These sports nutrition supplements are important for an athlete or a body builder, but can help others as well. Check for quality endurance sports nutrition supplements, fitness supplements, and amino acid supplements at Ripple Creek at discounted prices.

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Importance of Exercise. Treat Your Body Like A Top Of The Range Sports Car

Do you think of your body the way you think of your car? When a few lucky individuals acquire a sports car that boasts of the best automotive engineering available today, watch them read the maintenance manuals religiously. They take their car for inspection even if it purrs like a kitten and take it for repairs as soon as something does not feelright. And they’re very concerned.

That car is their most prized possession, a symbol of all the long and hard hours they put on the job so they could finally acquire it. It cost an arm and a leg, so taking care of it is logically, their number 1 priority.

But how important is the person that drives that car? Shouldn’t that person – shouldn’t you – be the number 1 priority?

The average life span of men and women is 80 years, give or take a few years. The painful truth is, a significant number of men and women look and feel 80 before they even make it to the first half of their life! You spot the tell-tale signs from

their physical appearance:

sagging dry skin
unsightly posture
uneven and unsteady walk (they need to drag around those heavy pounds)
aching joints
sporting the “I’m not happy because I look terrible” look

Now, if their appearance is this bad, imagine what the inside machinery is like! Most likely, it’s even worse:

clogged vessels
inefficient heart
mounds of sugar and fat parked in or around vital organs
Conditions such as diabetes, nervous tension, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease that are silently brewing.

If fitness authorities had it their way, they’d create legislation to make exercise mandatory as soon as a baby leaves the cradle, not during the teenage years when obesity is likely to strike.

But fitness shouldn’t be associated with any age limit. You can start at 10 or at 30 – even at 50 and 60 – the idea being that fitness should not be seen as the cure for a condition that’s already come about. As the saying goes, don’t wait for illness to strike.

Brad King and Dr. Michael Schmidt in “Bio Age, Ten Steps to a Younger You” (Macmillan, Canada, 2001) have devised a questionnaire for assessing physical damage to a body as a result of no exercise. I will borrow some of their guidelines, which I will summarize here:

Start with the question, “How do I look?” Do any of these answers apply to you?

* Am I overweight, looking like an apple or pear?
* Do I have a spare tire around my waist?
* Has my skin become excessively dry, almost paper-thin?

Next, ask: “How do I feel?”

* Do my joints hurt before or after any physical exertion?
* Am I constantly worried and anxious?
* Do I feel tired and sluggish most of the time?
* Do I suffer from mood swings?

Last question, “How am I doing?”

Are simple walking and climbing stairs difficult?
* Do I have problems concentrating?
* Is running impossible for me now?
* Am I unable to sit straight, preferring to slouch or stoop my shoulders?

You’ve completed your basic assessment. Note, however, that other exercise or fitness gurus will have their own parameters or indices for assessing your body’s overall state and one isn’t better than the other.

As long as they include all dimensions of the self – physical, psychological and mental – they are as valid as the next person’s assessment charts.

After going through the assessment phase, you’re probably experiencing what some people fondly call a “rude awakening”.

If you’re not mentally prepared to accept exercise, please don’t force yourself. Just be familiar with its benefits and when you’re wholeheartedly disposed towards giving it a crack in the can, proceed slowly. “Slowly but surely” is the exercise cult’s favorite slogan.

It’s a quickie society we live in; we want everything quick – especially exercise! – and many converts would be willing to include it in their routine for the sake of health, if there were a quick way to get in, and certainly a quick to get out.

Sadly, to get lasting benefit from exercise we must expend time and energy. There is no way round this. But the benefits you will achieve in terms of improved health alone are well worth the effort!

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Cheryl Smith has finally solved her weight problem after many years of trying. For a free report on some of the methods Cheryl used to lose weight please visit or for a trial of a proven and revolutionary system visit

Massage for Sports Health Care Video

Learn how to incorporate sports massage into any sports health care program with this new video! Massage for Sports Health Care helps athletic trainers, physical therapists, and strength and conditioning coaches become familiar with a variety of techniques that will broaden their range of services to athletes and clients. Massage for Sports Health Care covers basic massage techniques that will, reduce the physiological impact on the body, help aid healing, imp… More >>

Massage for Sports Health Care Video

A Brief Account on Sports Supplements

Sports supplements are the extra nutritional source for sports people who need to enhance their fitness levels. Being a sportsperson there is a constant need to have high fitness levels and to be able to withstand the extreme physical exertion that one’s body is subjected to during the span of a particular sports event. These supplements may be available in the form of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs or botanicals. These products usually do not need a prescription. They are no different from dietary supplements.

Some of the most commonly found sports supplements are as follows:

– Androstenedione and DHEA:

Androstenedione (also known as andro) and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) are natural steroids that can be broken down into testosterone. However DHEA can also convert into estrogen, progesterone or cortisol. By boosting the testosterone levels these hormones have shown to help the increase of muscle mass and improve overall health condition. It is also known to increase energy levels, enhance nitrogen retention and leads to speedy recovery from injuries or other pains.

– Creatine:

Creatine is a natural hormone synthesized in the body by the liver, kidneys and pancreas. It is also found extensively in foods like meat and fish. Creatine supplements are usually taken to improve strength. Research has proven that maximum advantage of creatine supplements is acquired when the athlete is performing intermittent high-intensity exercise with short recovery intervals such as sprinting and power lifting.

– Thermogenics:

These are commonly known as fat burners. Mostly produced from the herb called ephedra (ephedrine, ma huang), it acts as a stimulant and increases metabolism.

– Glutamine:

Glutamine containing supplements are also used by athletes. It not only helps improve the muscle mass but also boosts the immune system. Studies have proved that it increases your exercise performance.

– Soy protein:

This is a good protein supplement that is known to contain a number of biologically active ingredients like enzymes. It also contains antioxidants and isoflavones. It helps build the muscle mass in no time when used along with weight lifting.

– Casein:

Casein or milk protein is rich in glutamine and helps the sports person to recover from an injury faster. It is majorly used by most athletes to inhibit protein breakdown.

-Whey protein:

It is another source of protein from milk that helps build muscle mass. It is known to help weight lifters to build muscle rapidly.

– Isoleucine, Leucine and valine:

These branched amino acids have gained popularity in the bodybuilding industry. It is also used in improving muscle mass and helps in rapid recovery from injury.

Thus are the examples of various sports supplements available in the market. It is essential though you know what is exactly that you want or get yourself an expert physician’s advice.

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The author of this article has an e-store for Sports Supplements. He has great knowledge in Body Building and fitness secrets. He has written many informative articles on Sports Supplements.

Sports Nutrition Supplements Are Effective And Useful

Attaining a fit and healthy body can add to the advantage. You can get more energetic and get rid of several problems related to health. There are many effective strategies that can be applied to achieve fitness goals in a better way. Proper exercise, balanced diets are two of the crucial pillars of any fitness and health programs.

Apart from that, supplements also helps in gaining a perfect healthy life. In fact, they are a part of fitness regime. But you need to keep one thing in mind while using any supplements. Supplements alone cannot help. By combining exercise, diet and supplement, you can achieve your fitness goals. Before selecting any supplements, you need to do some research. It is better to scroll through the fitness and health websites. Read the comments and reviews about various health products and supplements. It will surely help you to take the definite decision.

Sports personalities use supplements to get energy. There are various types of sports nutrition supplements. It is wise to consult with your fitness expert and doctor before selecting any supplement or health products. They can help you in taking the right decision. There are various types of supplements ranging from protein supplements, bodybuilding supplements, weight loss products, weight gain supplements to other fitness products. All these items are not equal. Some of these items are necessary for body and are prescribed by most of the fitness experts. On the other hand some are given on the basis of fitness program. So, you need to select the right health product for the right purpose.

Many people confuse supplements with steroids. These two are completely different and they are designed for different purposes. One question hovers in the mind of people – are these products safe to use or not? The answer is yes. Most of the bodybuilding supplements and fitness supplements are safe and have minimal or no side effects. These products are approved by FDA and thus have less risk of any health hazards.

Protein Supplements can prove to be beneficial for your health. Many of us skip meals as we remain busy with our work. As a result of this, we suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Supplements can fill up these deficiencies thus making us energetic and healthy. One of the popular nutritional supplements is protein supplement. Protein supplements are categorized in various categories on the basis of their functionalities.

Some of the great advantages of protein supplements include:

1. You can get some essential amino acids from protein supplements. It helps in a great way to attain a healthy body.

2. Many athletes and bodybuilders use protein supplements to repair and build muscles. It helps to gain back the strength and energy lost from workout and heavy physical activities.

3. Protein supplements or products come in the form of egg, protein powders or even soy whey proteins powders.

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The author of this article has an e-store for Sports Supplements. He has great knowledge in Body Building and fitness secrets. He has written many informative articles on Sports Supplements.

Astonishing Sports Injury Treatment, Used by The Pros!

When top sports athletes sustain an injury, their health professionals frequently turn to homeopathy. Martina Navratilova, David Beckham, Hermann Maier, Chris Bonnington and many more openly speak about the confidence they have in using homeopathic medicine.

If you are not using homeopathic medicine for your sports injury treatment, it’s likely that you’re not getting the best health care.

Old injuries have a habit of coming back in later life, to haunt you. Treat them properly to start with and that is much less likely to happen.

I’ve been around horses most of my life. I’ve suffered my fare share of injuries as a result – fallen off, been stood on, been bitten, been kicked, carried heavy sacks of feed, and so on.

Some of these took place before I knew anything about homeopathy. Once I was bitten very hard on the bum. The bruising went up my back and down my leg. It was uncomfortable to sit down for any length of time. This went on for about two weeks.

Much later, I was bitten again. This time, on my elbow. I took the all time favourite injury medicine Arnica very quickly. Not only did I sustain no bruising, but no pain either, other than the initial.

Then there was the time I was kicked in the fore arm. I took Arnica, but this time, nothing seemed to happen. The swelling gradually crept up my arm and after a couple of days, I couldn’t use it.

Finally, I took time to look for a curative medicine. Bellis perennis, a close relative of Arnica, completely resolved all the symptoms in just a few hours.

There are about a dozen or so really good homeopathic medicines that form the basis of sports injury treatment. If you are a home prescriber treating sports injuries, for perhaps your family, you would do well to familiarise yourself with these. Bear in mind that you won’t be able to treat every condition or complete every treatment. Leave that to a professional homeopath.

But you have the potential of doing a great deal of good.

Imagine your son being injured on the cricket field, treating him immediately, and he is then able to continue the game, as if nothing had happened.

Imagine your daughter getting hit by a hockey ball, which floors her. You rush up with your homeopathic sports injury kit and treat her immediately, thereby preventing any serious ailment.

Imagine treating your partner’s old sports injury, that periodically flares up. But ceases altogether after your treatment.

Don’t underestimate the power of homeopathy in sports injury treatment. Maybe that would be better rephrased as, don’t underestimate homeopathy.

It’s deep. It has the power to resolve old symptoms. It’s effect is permanent. Pain disappears. Swelling drops back. Hot areas cool.

And all without side effects. Or the use of harsh chemicals.

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Madeleine Innocent. If you liked this article, then I invite you to my download my free report to solve more problems like these. You can receive my free, weekly ezine on how to improve your health and that of your family, including pets, naturally.

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