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Prevention Fitness: Kick Start Your Metabolism

Product Description
Includes 4 high-energy Routines:
Fat blast 15-minute kick-boxing routine – Burn mega calories all over
Ab Attack Start melting away belly flab in 15 minutes
Body Sculpt 15 minute total body toning workout
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Prevention Fitness: Kick Start Your Metabolism

Is it Time For Insurance And Employers to Start Partnering With Experienced Facilitator?

As companies seek to reduce their operating budgets, one of the places they can often find ways to cut costs is by reducing their employee healthcare spending. Unfortunately, reducing or cutting healthcare benefits packages can cause significant reductions in employee morale. How can companies reduce their healthcare spending while at the same time ensuring that their employees do not feel like their benefits package has decreased in value? Some employers and insurance companies are looking to the example set by private “medical tourists” for inspiration.

For years, “medical tourism” has been a term which brings to mind affordable plastic surgery and weight loss surgery abroad, more often than not resulting in negative consequences due to poor medical tourism aftercare. But these outdated stereotypes of the field are now giving way to a much more positive reputation, as companies and individuals find that they can actually put technologies like video conferencing and VoIP to use, benefiting both individuals who receive top-notch care, and the companies who are footing the bill for their treatments.

This is exciting news, because it’s at this stage that the real benefit of using medical tourism facilitators to find health professionals in foreign countries becomes evident. The best medical tourism companies are accessing this under-developed market by helping assemble interdisciplinary teams of medical professionals in far-flung locations where costs are more controlled. Patients and employers who once balked at the idea of receiving their medical treatment far from home feel more at ease once they have had extended conversations with their treatment teams, thus allowing insurance companies and employers to realize greater bottom-line savings.

What’s more, because any top 10 medical tourism company already has the connections and experience that will allow them to single out the best providers of health care at the lowest rates possible, an individual employer or insurance company does not have to invest time and money into building a healthcare network abroad. Instead, they can take advantage of the knowledge medical tourism companies have already gained.

As a result, employees and their dependents can obtain access to either higher-quality care at equal cost to their employers, or equivalent-quality care at lower costs. Companies that have previously only offered medical coverage may find that they are able to add low cost dental procedures and dental surgery abroad, thereby increasing the value of their employees’ compensation packages and actually improving morale!

Ultimately, medical tourism is a reality of today’s global healthcare world, and both employers and insurance companies can utilize the skills of the best medical tourism facilitators to provide excellent care at the lowest prices for their employees. In short, the time has indeed come for insurance companies and employers to start partnering with experienced medical tourism facilitators.

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The author has international expertise in the healthcare industry, telehealth and business administration. His diverse set of skills will deliver exceptional healthcare support services while maintaining a strong balance sheet.

How to Start Your Own Beauty Salon

A brand is the holy grail of small businesses: something many strive for, but few truly achieve. Small businesses often find themselves competing on price or location rather than creating a brand which stands on its own and sets their business apart. For your beauty salon, consider the following to create a brand.

Brand Is Not Just a Logo

A brand does not begin and end with a logo and specific font for your company name. Your salon’s brand is the overall perception of what the company is and stands for, created in part by you and in part by your customers. The company logo may be a way to spot the business on a sign or product, but it is only meaningful if it is clear to customers what the salon means behind the graphic.

Brand Is Everything…

Your brand must stem from everything you say and do. All marketing, products, and services must be in agreement to create a clear brand for customers. If marketing describes the company as a salon using organic products, but customers watch staff use inorganic chemicals for their beauty treatments, the marketing can backfire. It is often better to make no claims about what your company is than to make faulty claims. This is a quick way to lose the trust of customers.

Brand cannot be enforced on customers. Although marketing may tell customers what the company stands for, it will be up to the customers to decide if those statements hold true after visiting the salon and using its products and services. For example, a beauty salon could organize its marketing around the idea that their beauty treatments put the customer in control of the service process. When staff work with customers, they must see this carried out in order to trust the salon’s brand. Remember that branding can only be created when the company and customers agree what the busines is all about.

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Are you looking for more tips on how to start a beauty salon or advice on developing a business plan for a beauty salon? Call 877-BIZ-PLAN to learn how Growthink can help you build your beauty salon business.

How to Start a Beauty Supply Store Business

In this day and age when people are more vain and beauty-conscious than ever, starting a beauty supply store business is a wise investment. There are a lot of products to choose from that you can sell. You may specialize in one area then you can start supplying wide selection of beauty products.

You can actually start your own beauty supply store. The products that you sell can range from make ups, facial creams, anti aging products, lotions and even perfumes and cologne. Actually you can sell any product relating to beauty. There is now a way to take in the natural beauty and use it as an idea when it comes to starting you own beauty supply store.

There are a lot of beauty manufacturers that you can tie up with. They usually supply in bulk or sometimes in smaller number depends on what you agree upon. You have to think about your business name that is something catchy to people. After that you can create your own label for the products that you are selling. Usually these manufacturers will give you their catalogues and brochures so you can choose the products you want to sell. For costing, you can certainly sell them double their original price.

When you are just stating, it is advisable that you start with just 5 to 6 products so that it is easy to manage. You might want to get some products with brand names already or you can start with your own collection by reselling stuff. Although reselling might involve tedious work, it is very exciting to venture into this business.

Identifying your target market will be of great help. It can let you decide if you just want to focus on selling luxury products, skin care or hair care products. If you have identified your target market, it is better to research on what specific product your target market would like. It would be best if you do comparison to programs and market so that you can see how much you can afford on the products.

The next thing that you need to think about is your marketing strategy. This will definitely help you to sell your products. You can create a catalogue that you can show your customers. In this way, it will be easy for them to choose. If you are thinking about starting your own product line, it is not an easy task. All you have to do is chose products that will most likely sell.

It is important to partner with a manufacturing company that you can rely so you are assured that you are offering beauty supplies that are of quality.

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National Salon Supplies is a preferred supplier of salon supplies and beauty supplies in Australia.

An Investment in Student Travel Insurance is a Great Way to Start Your Journey

If you are student then chances are the last thing on your mind is adding an additional cost by purchasing student travel insurance. This is one case where you will definitely want to open your mind to the possibilities. The fact of the matter is you can get cheap student travel insurance and the money you spend will be well worth it. Whether you are traveling abroad for fun or for study, making the investment in student travel health insurance is one expense you should not try to avoid. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a bundle. There are many excellent policies available that will fit just about any budget.

Student travel insurance will cover unexpected and problematic situations such as illness, accident, stolen baggage, trip cancellation, and personal liability. As a student you are no doubt cautious about how every penny is spent. Consider the financial difficulties that might occur should you fall ill while you are traveling abroad. Is it really worth the risk to gamble that nothing will happen while you are away?

So now you are convinced that you should invest in student travel insurance. Now what? Well, the first thing to do is to think about what type of insurance you need. Do you need student gap year travel insurance that will cover you while abroad or do you need student travel insurance Australia? Do you expect to take just a single trip or will you be doing a year of multi trips? Will you travel overseas or stick with domestic trips? Regardless of the type of travel you will be doing you will be able to find low cost student travel insurance that will suit your needs.

You can start off by taking a little time to compare the types of student travel insurance that are available. You’ll quickly see that you have lots of options when it comes to cheap student travel insurance. The availability of online price quotations makes it easy to compare the features of the various low cost plans. Be sure to read the details of what each policy is covering so that you know what your student travel insurance actually covers. For example, what is included in the medical portion of your international student travel insurance? Is evacuation to your home country included? Does your policy cover holiday travel or are trips for study the only situations covered.

While the number of factors to consider when purchasing student travel insurance seem overwhelming, you will quickly be able to determine if a specific policy has the features you need. Just remember that the cheapest price is not always the best value. Keep your eyes open for small exclusions that might cost you big bucks.

There is no reason to become discouraged when doing your research on cheap student travel insurance. The time you are investing now is well worth the effort. You need only avoid one difficult situation in order to make it worth your while. Once your student travel insurance is in place you can set off on your trip knowing you are protected. So relax and enjoy your journey. In no time at all you’ll be back in the real world. The memories you make on a trip that is protected by student travel health insurance are sure to last you for a lifetime.

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Student travel insurance is a must if you are heading overseas. Do not pay full price – get discount student travel insurance! Submitted by Paul Stanley

Start Running, Keep Running With These Running Tips

If you have decided that you want to start running, you have made a wondrous decision! Running is amazingly beneficial to total human health. You will improve your cardiovascular fitness, improve your physical strength and stamina, sleep better, enhance your mental abilities with increased blood flow to the brain, handle stress better, increase your self-confidence, and (if you need to) help yourself to lose weight.

Human beings seem “born to run”. But if you are not very experienced with running, it’s not as simple as it seems to be. So here are some running tips that you can use to make sure that once you start running, you keep running. It’s persistence that gets you all of those health benefits mentioned above.

* Start slowly and advance quickly. When you first start running, it will be hard for you. Make no mistake about that. You are going to push your body in ways that you probably never did before. If you try to start out too fast, you risk both serious injury and total burnout emotionally. Start out just running moderately for only 12 minutes at a time. After a week, increase your run time to 25 minutes and do that for a week. Don’t worry about speed at all for these first two weeks; the important thing is that you keep the pace, go the distance, and do more than just walk. (However, if you ever feel that you “must” walk for a little while, do it.) After the first two weeks, shift your focus to actual distance. First, run for three to four miles at a time. Then when you feel ready, increase that to five miles, then six, etc. You will naturally build greater speed during all of this–let it happen naturally, don’t force it.

* Run at least five days every week. Running less frequently than that doesn’t get you all the benefits you want, plus it makes it too easy for you to fall out of your rhythm. Running must become an addiction for you.

* Mix it up. Running can become monotonous and boring if you just run the same route every day. Have several different routes that you run. Make some go through the woods, others go down the highway, etc. Keep things new and your mind will stay alert. That’s very important because running is more mental than it is anything else.

* After your first 30 days, create a workout schedule a week in advance. Make one or two days of the week “heavy” days where you try to go a very long distance, such as eight to 10 miles. Make a couple of other days “moderate” runs where you just go out for four or five miles. And then have at least one “light” day where all you do is run for maybe two miles just to keep your motor charged up. These change-ups allow you to avoid injury and avoid burning out.

* Have high quality equipment. This means: running shoes; running socks; and weather-appropriate running outfits.

* Always stretch thoroughly after you are done running.

* Stay hydrated, preferably with water.

I hope these running tips will prove beneficial to you. When you start running, you are going on an amazing journey. Those who start running are not doing something easy; they are taking on a challenge. Be proud of yourself. That may be the best of all running tips!

About Author
It is a great idea to pace the intensity of your running with a heart rate monitor. The Polar F6 heart rate monitor is suitable for exercisers new to heart rate based training. For experienced runners, the Polar RS200SD heart rate monitor gives also speed and distance information.

Retirement – a New Start? Part 2

Retired people are a diverse group: all very different in the way they experience and cope with this life shift. It is possible to pick out various factors that help the individual to enjoy and adjust well, always given that there are no major physical and mental health problems. Various psychologists have tried to categorise the transition into groups and this will be discussed also. Studies have shown that the group which showed the most involvement in community activities seem to adjust best to the retired lifestyle, often partaking in social or charitable organisations. This participation adds to the quality of life while enhancing or maintaining mental and physical ability. They have less health problems, and are more optimistic about their quality of life. In addition to their personal benefits, this group have an important role to play within the community: for example they often have part time employment, do charity work, organise community events, participate in local politics, or help to look after their extended families. There are an increasing number of retirees who engage in long holidays, often in groups, for their social participation. So the social engagement by older people has important ramifications for both the individual and for society. The ‘successful’ group are highly active, engaging in a variety of pursuits, ranging from intellectual qualifications to demanding physical activities. The silver surfer is not only to be found at his or her computer! However, research has shown that these activities have not necessarily been taken up after retirement, but are an extension of previous pursuits.

In fact, the individuals are often delighted to have more time to develop and explore these interests. Moreover, they can be a lifeline following a bereavement. Of course not everyone is in a position to enjoy all these activities. Declining health could be a major drawback, as could caring for a relative, poverty, or loss of mobility. These are the persons who need help and hopefully a country with a good system of social service, such as here in the UK, will provide that assistance. Consequently, one can divide the retired into 3 groups:

1. Those who fall into the successful category. There is a life beyond work, and the activities are normally established before retirement. After an initial adjustment phase, they will lead busy and well structured lives. This group had normally enjoyed their working lives.

2. Those who had achieved status through their working positions and found it difficult to accept the role of a retired person. The majority of their interests and social activities were linked to their professional positions, and they had considerable adjustment problems due to loss of social status.

3. Those who, although a minority group, were unable to cope at all. They usually have a range of problems including health problems, loss of partner, lack of skills or hobbies, and family problems. Generally speaking they had not enjoyed their work, but did not adjust well to their new life of being retired. In the next article in this series, I will be considering the approach and preparation for retirement.

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Geoff Oswald is a retired dentist. To find out more about his income plan click on Last Page

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