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Three “Time Free” Strategies for Maximizing Health and Fitness

Three “Time Free” Strategies for Maximizing Health and Fitness
Everyone is always trying to “get fit” but for many working adults there aren’t enough hours in the day. Four evenings in the gym can take away as many as eight hours out of an already busy schedule. While the hours in the gym may be rewarding, the hours stuck in traffic on the way to the gym are just wasted time. However, going to the gym isn’t the only way to improve your health and get fit. Here are three simple “time-free” things that all adults can do to improve their fitness and stay in shape.
Maximize the time doing “chores” – Chores are a tedious time consuming activity, but are still essential to having a clean, nice home. So why not maximize the time you spend doing chores and get fit at the same time? When looking to maximize your chore-time; think outside the box. For example, use an old-fashioned traditional broom with a heavy wooden handle instead of a lightweight plastic broom. Sweeping a kitchen floor with an added three pounds can increase the calorie burn and help tone muscles.
Walk and Climb – It’s becoming a cliché to ‘take the stairs’ or ‘walk more’; but that doesn’t make it false. People often waste time driving to the gym in order to walk on a machine for thirty minutes when they can do the same activity at home or at work. With a pedometer you can easily track your additional steps. The Harvard Alumni study of walking showed that walking 6,000 steps in a day can help maintain health and fitness and 10,000 can significantly help lose weight. The good news is that it is easy to begin to maximize your steps while doing everyday activities. For example, rather than spend two or three minutes driving around looking for that “perfect parking spot”; park in the back and enjoy the extra exercise. Often you’ll actually save time by parking in the back of the lot and walking the extra distance instead of driving around looking for that “perfect spot.”
Multivitamin and Nutrition – The truth is, no matter how much you exercise, you cannot stay healthy and be fit while depriving your body of needed nutrients. Fortunately it can be easy to get needed nutrition (for you AND your children) by making a few simple changes. You can adjust the nutritional intake in your diet by simply substituting pastas and breads made with whole grains rather than the old white flour. You can buy juices and snack drinks made with real fruit juice rather than ‘juice cocktail.’ And you can readily and easily take a multivitamin to help cover your daily needs. Multivitamins are like a safety net for any balanced diet. They provide blanket coverage of your daily nutritional needs, independent of the particular meals for that day. And because it almost impossible to get “too much” of a vitamin, multivitamins are safe to take daily.

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Successful Stress Management Strategies Through Easy Fitness

Easy, effective fitness begins with finding fun activities that can be adjusted for your age and ability level. What better way to accomplish this than through home exercise without equipment? Today, many of us live lives so structured, structured down to the last minute seemingly, that we need to kick loose once in a while. Think of it as stress management strategies that don’t add to your workload, nor are one more thing to do, but rather, a fun, spontaneous, enjoyable, even exhilarating experience that you can share with others even.

Simply consider dancing with a purpose. The purpose should include proven stress management strategies such as random and exaggerated body movements, and patterns of movement that are not so much graceful and flowing as they are expressive and releasing. Easy fitness means in part, you don’t have to think about it much, and since most of us do far too much thinking all day long as it is, there really is nothing better than showing up a moment by yourself or with your friends or family, and putting on a little music and letting your body take over.

Random movement is how you access your own human instinct to stretch, and that is among the most effective stress management strategies available. And you don’t have to work at it; you can just have fun doing it. People need a little break once in a while, and here it is. The trick is not to structure the activity so much as to focus on taking the action. And the action of simply moving your body about randomly will literally provide a euphoric experience for both your mind and body.

The wonderful part about doing home exercise without equipment is that instead of having to manage more stuff, you can manage your imagination instead. You can express how you feel, what’s going on for you this 5 minutes through movement, and if you are physically able to move relatively quickly, and shift your weight around with an element of velocity, you can get a lot accomplished as far as exercise is concerned; particularly when it comes to balance and coordination, range of motion, and cardiovascular conditioning. Right there, you have 3 of the 4 elements of exercise accomplished. By merely adding some lightweight dumbbells and continuing to move around randomly, you will then add the strength training, or final factor, into your routine.

Just start by shaking your body. Instead of exercises that actually work counter to the body’s natural movement, practicing this essential Vitalogy movement will allow you to let your body guide you. Think in terms of loose, quick, jerky movements, where one part of your body goes in one direction and another part of your body goes in another. That’s how young people move with youthful mobility. It’s not about winning the “Dancing with the Stars” contest, it is about having a few minutes to be with your body, move it around, enjoy some good music of your choosing, and getting some home exercise without equipment. Why work out with your body when you can have fun and get something done hanging out with it? That’s easy fitness.

It really is that simple – don’t let technology overcomplicate your life. Hearken back to the blissful days of your teenage and young adult years when you could just put on a record and let your body start moving. You didn’t know it then, but you were letting your built-in human instinct to stretch take over. Now you do.

Easy fitness is more about focusing on the action you are taking rather than getting caught up in a cumbersome structure to follow. Nothing is better for clearing the cobwebs out of your head after a long day. Give yourself bonus points for taking just a few minutes to provide yourself with no-cost stress management strategies for better living. This is truly an example of exercise for the rest of us.

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Will Nelson is an author, public speaker, teacher, and life coach. His company, teaches personal empowerment through lifestyle management. He can be reached at E-mail him: [email protected]. Copyright Will Nelson 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Strategies to Make Your Weight Loss Diet Program Work

There are so many weight loss diet programs that you can use to lose weight. The question is which of the many available programs are efficient and suitable for you? The best weight loss program should be natural, not straining and effective within a period of time that you wish to lose weight within.

Every program you come across probably claims it is the most suitable and guarantees that you will lose pounds in a matter of days or weeks. Most overweight people have to endure frustration and constant trial and error with the so called dieting programs. However, they are partly to blame because the are some vital points that need to be considered when choosing the most appropriate dieting plan to cut your weight the natural way. These factors include:

i) Food intake – Many types of food are good for your body. However, there are certain food types that are not helpful for people seeking to cut down on calories intake. Whichever dieting plan you choose to take, make sure that there are lists of foods that will be good for you during and after the dieting period as well as foods that you should stay away from.

ii) Regular exercise – To lose weight, you will need to engage in activities that will use up energy stored as fats in your body. These exercises should be carried out regularly unless otherwise instructed in the dieting manual. Some exercises like cycling and weight lifting cannot be carried out on daily basis at first but with time as the body adapts to the new program, the sessions and frequency can be increased.

iii) Simple exercises – Even when you are not training, take part in simple exercises that will make you use energy. For instance, at the shopping mall you can use a basket to shop instead of a trolley. You can jog to the car instead of walking slowly. These exercises may not seem to amount to much but with time, they may be responsible for you losing 3 to 5 pounds of fat.

iv) Avoid salt and starch – Cut down on your consumption of salt and starch during the weight loss program period. Salt not only causes diseases that cannot be determined outright, it also reduces the amount of water retained in your body. Foods that have plenty of sugar, processed food, animal fat and preservatives also hamper your weight loss program and you should cut down on their consumption.

v) Drink a lot of water – You should drink lots of water during and even after the weight loss program. Water assists a great deal in washing out debris from your body and has been proven to contribute immensely in increasing the metabolism rate, which results in weight loss.

vi) Eat healthy – In this case, healthy means quality not quality. You should take more fruits and fibers in your meals and reduce on the meat and fats you take. The quantity of fat or calories you take in your food should be less than a third of all the food you take. The rest should be balanced including lots of protein, vitamins etc.

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Strategies to Combat Against Depression

The truth is if we are in a good mental condition then normally our physical health status also good. Most of the people have now identified this fact and now they are very concern about both mental & physical health.

Whenever we think about the mental health status, depression is a thing which is common in the society. The reason is the world is very competitive and every one is in a race of being the best among the others. So mostly everyone have to work hard and being involved in something without taking a rest makes a person depressed badly.

So if you are can feel the depression symptoms, then the best thing you have to do is start treating depression. The reason is cure depression is not an easy thing and it will take some reasonable time according to the severity of the depression. So if you are treating depression then you must have a good patient as you might have to stay treating depression in order to get some positive result. Also if you are kind person, then it will be an additional help to cure depression. The reason is that, the depressed person is more likely a lonely person and tries to stay hidden from the friends/ society. So if you could be the best friend of the particular person then it will be the best way of treating depression. Also it will make you to cure depression in a fast way. As if you can be the best person, then changing the particular person’s attitude is not a big deal.

Anyhow, preventing this depression is the best thing than treating depression or cure depression. So in the commercial sector (as most of the people depressed at work), there are various activities are going on. As an example, if the company or organization has long working shifts, then they will arrange something difference at between it will do the needful to make the minds fresh again wipe out the depressed modes accordingly.

Also, as personals, to avoid the depression there are lot of things you can do. As example, you can always stay with your most trustworthy friends and must have some good best friends. So you will never feel that alone in the society and always try to work as a team. Try to help each other at every time you can and don’t think bad about the life, always try to see the positive side of anything. This positive thinking concept is a main factor you need to concern about if you are really needs to avoid depression; the reason is that, main reason to be depressed is that you are thinking about yourself in a negative way. So first you need to change your attitude and it will do the rest to control depression.

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