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Thailand The Medical Hub of The World

Apart from ancient heritages, breathtaking temples and palaces, wonderful beaches, friendly people and delectable cuisines, people from all corners of the world come to Thailand to avail of its medical service. Hospitals and services that abound in the country are on par with the world’s best with their skilled doctors, medical staff and up-to-date technologies. As a result of the country’s capable medical personnel, good basic infrastructure, the quality of life of foreigners in Thailand and the credibility of medical trials, the transformation of Thailand into the medical hub of the world is not too far from the reality!

What is more, with the constant growth of health-related research and medical technology innovation,Thailand is soon to become the fantastic venue for discerning foreigners both to obtain first-class medical care and to seek sound medical investment opportunities. Today, Thailand has apparently become a medical hub for patients from the United States, Europe, the surrounding countries and the Middle East including the United Arab Emirates. The country has a universal health program with more than 600 accredited hospitals and 400 medical facilities which are globally well-known for their adeptness.

Interestingly, overseas patients who aspire to recover from illnesses can enjoy magnificent sightseeing and travel, soft adventure options, sports and activities that Thailand can offer. Some lifestyle centers, spas, golf courses and accommodations will be helpful not only to the would-be patients but also to their accompanying friends and family. In Bangkok, patients can also marvel at a choice of health and beauty like aesthetic centers, wellness centers, lasik centers, plastic surgery centers and dental clinics which are the unique experience in the city.

The “Land of Smiles” can provide the patient with the same kind of treatments as back home whilst enabling him or her to revel in the holiday of a lifetime as the country is blessed with many intriguing attractions and activities. The uptrend of medical tourism in Thailand is growing to dramatic heights. Westerners are presently arriving in Thailand in exciting numbers to undergo medical treatments at an affordable cost as that charged in their home countries. On top of having treatments performed by highly trained doctors, patients can also relish a marvelous holiday in one of Asia’s prime tourist destinations.

There are several reasons why visitors come to Thailand to get medical treatments. Not only is Thailand a superb destination for stunning beaches, islands, mountains, cuisines, low costs and hospitable people, there are other reasons too. The country is home to some of the best hospitals in the world.

The country has established over 30 English-speaking hospitals, numerous dentistry clinics and other alternative healing centers. Some are accredited to prominent boards including the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and the International Organization for Standardization.

Significantly, Thailand has incredible service, extraordinary value for money and unique healing procedures. Namely, some of Thailand’s hospitals have been known for performing outstanding treatments for various procedures whilst producing excellent outcomes. Thailand is also amazing for relaxing. After the treatment, patients can experience spas and resorts which are internationally famous for exceptional service and comfort, whilst looking over attractive virgin beaches or verdant jungles and mountains. Thailand’s top hospitals even provide prompt response in any emergency situation and are recognized outside of Thailand as having standards equivalent to that of those in the West.

International accreditation also contributes to make Thailand the medical hub of the world. The standard of treatments in Thailand is considered being one of the highest in the world with most of its doctors graduating, training and holding Europe and US professional certification. All of Thailand’s hospitals also have to be licensed by the Health Ministry and the same applies to the doctors. Last but not least, the world-class technologies have been introduced in Thailand to enhance medical facilities and treatments. Of course, with these reasons and factors, Thailand can easily be the medical hub of the world.

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