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How To Vanish ‘Man-Boobs’

Let’s imagine that you have been asking, “How to get rid of man-boobs?” or “How do I lose my chest-flab?” Fitness experts will tell you that the real question behind your questions is: “How can I lose some excess fat from my upper body?”

Excess flab around the chest, also called ‘man-boobs’, ‘moobs’ or (to give it its fancy title) ‘gynecomastia’ is a sure sign that the rest of your body is suffering from an excess of fatty tissue too – including your vital internal organs (heart, liver, etc).

Hence, the real question is also: if you want to live long and healthy, why would you stop at knowing how to get rid of man-boobs? What about the rest of you?

Moobs are a bad omen

It’s easy with a tape-measure and a pair of scales to show that men with ‘moobs’ are also excessively chubby round their thighs or buttocks. Usually, man-boobs are also a sign that the abdomen, back, arms, and face are flabby or fat. More serious as a health risk are the internal fat deposits denoted by the chest-fat that you can see.

So, whether you happen to be more concerned about your physical appearance or your medium- and long-term health, it’s time to start work on getting rid of the man-boobs.


Here’s the thing! If you could get rid of just your man-boobs and leave the rest of your body unchanged, nothing important would really have changed. But what if you could get rid of fat from all over the body instead?

What if you learnt that, actually, there is no sure way of getting rid of man-boobs without getting rid of that all-over body fat?

The fact is, there is no exercise regime or diet on earth that can remove fat from one specific area of the body. You can’t get rid of one lot of excess flab without getting rid of the others. There is no such thing as ‘spot-targeting’ fat except on the operating table.

So … getting rid of man-boobs means losing weight, full stop.

The only way to do that is by the old tried and trusted diet and exercise regime which will get you into good shape all over. The ‘magic diet supplements’ that promise to drop pounds overnight should be viewed with caution. Many are verging on outright scams and will do nothing for your health or your weight-loss program.

However, there are plenty of natural supplements on the market now such as acai-berry extracts, combined products such as Acai Burn or other boosters which can help speed up your metabolism, satisfy hunger and lightly suppress the appetite between meals.

Do your research and you’ll find plenty of diets which are healthy and practical and which will suit your lifestyle. Choose one which you can stick to without too much inconvenience. Check out the supplements and go with something that will provide a balance of nutrients as well as helping speed up the weight loss.

There have been many very good reports about the ‘Acai Burn’ program so if you want to be modish about losing your man-boobs, you could give that one a go.

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