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Authentic Beauty: The Shaping of a Set-Apart Young Woman

  • ISBN13: 9781590529911
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Product Description
Inside Every Young Woman is a Princess…In Search of her Prince

In a culture that mocks our longing for tender romance, in a world where fairy tales never seem to come true — do we dare hope for more? For every young woman asking that question, this book is an invitation. With refreshing candor and vulnerability, bestselling author Leslie Ludy reveals how, starting today, you can experience the passion and intimacy you long for. You can begin a n… More >>

Authentic Beauty: The Shaping of a Set-Apart Young Woman

Kabul Beauty School: An American Woman Goes Behind the Veil

Product Description
Soon after the fall of the Taliban, in 2001, Deborah Rodriguez went to Afghanistan as part of a group offering humanitarian aid to this war-torn nation. Surrounded by men and women whose skills–as doctors, nurses, and therapists–seemed eminently more practical than her own, Rodriguez, a hairdresser and mother of two from Michigan, despaired of being of any real use. Yet she soon found she had a gift for befriending Afghans, and once her profession became known s… More >>

Kabul Beauty School: An American Woman Goes Behind the Veil

How A Woman Can Get Her Sexual Desires Back – It Could Save Her Relationship

Fortunately steadies have led to development of products that are specially designed for a woman. It was not too long ago when a man would tell his wife or girlfriend that if she didn’t want to have sex with him, it was a mental problem and she should look for a psychiatrist.

Of course a woman may not have a mental problem but men are not that easy to reason with when dealing with
the more emotional species of the woman. A majority of the time the issue centers around a physical issue and more likely a hormonal issue. If the woman has gone through a recent pregnancy, she may have had to refrain from sex because it was causing her too much pain.

If the woman is between the ages of 40 and 60, it could well be a lack of interest due to menopause and the ups and downs of mood swings. Of course if the problem is because of past abuse as a child or perhaps the woman has a low self esteem or she may feel unattractive, then this is a separate issue and a professional should be called upon to help her deal with these concerns.

The good news is there are solutions to help a woman get her desire for sex back. At least for a time when she is called upon by a man to have sex. She no longer has to tell the man that she does not feel up to it but that is only her choice too.One of the best products for the female is Provestra.

Just as men have Viagra, Cialis and Enzyte to name a few. Women have special enhancers today that can
definitely help them overcome not having that sexual desire.

What make Provestra so promising is the all natural ingredients which will not cause side effects that could hurt her. One of the herbs Valerian Root is well known for a sleep inducement and that is a tea for those who have trouble sleeping. Damiana Leaf is what the Ancient Greeks used for an aphrodisiac and that coupled with Licorice Root, Red Raspberry leaf extract, Black Cohosh Root and a few other natural herbs. All of them are brought together by the Ginger Root which is a great stimulant all by itself but when the herbs are together the Ginger improves all the functions and makes them act as a sexual enhancer and also a stress and tension reducer.

Black Cohosh Root will help a woman contractions in her vagina and uterine. You will find Provestra by going here today. If you are lacking sexual desire, your relationship could suffer, don’t let that happen to you!

Do You Want to Be a Housewife or a Business Woman?

Housewife means there is no work and no need to earn money, only responsible for the daily life of their family. Though it seems that it can reduce the annoyance from working, there still many things should be taken care by them. They act as a good mom, a caring wife. Every day they should make delicious foods and clean house for the family.

Those people who belong to the housewife maybe think it is very harmonious. What do you think When their husbands come back home after a day working and their children go home after leaving school, and their wife and mom have already made a delicious foods on the desk and then they eat it together? Yes, I think it is the happiest moment for you and me.

Of cause, there are some different opinions on housewife. They hold that housewives are usually the rich men’s wives who have the strong economic base. So lots of women choose the business women. And the reasons can account for some aspects.

First, as a housewife cannot gain the protection from our society, and it means that they are unable to participate in the health care community and other security system.

Second, if you are a housewife, your life will be not colorful. Housewife rarely contact with others and there is less entertainment suppliers for them. Every day they should care for family, and when their children grow up, may be they will feel no aim and so on.

Third, maybe they will lose the ability of living for themselves. They cannot follow the development of the society and don’t want to study the new knowledge. So it will be lead them to lose their survival capability.

Forth, housewife sometimes will lose the favor from her husband. Because they always like nurse and deal with complex matters at home and sometimes will be wordy. The men who usually access to variety of excellent people include excellent women will compare them with his wife. Then some of them will change their mind. Of cause, most of them are good.

Now we are in the 21 century, and lots of women don’t want to be a housewife any more, they also have a great aim in their heart. But every coin has two sides, being business women also have many disadvantages. Such as they cannot take care of their children, and many children are going wrong way for lacking parents’ love and so on.

So what do you think about being a housewife or business women?

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Woman on The Verge

Listen up if you’ve been using these words: ‘I’m functioning fine so what’s the problem?’ or ‘I can quit any time.’ Maybe you can – but what if you can’t? Being on the verge of a substance addiction is unsettling. You feel vague disquiet but it’s not quite fear, and it’s tempting to take refuge in denial – especially if family and friends are not yet anxious enough to say anything. There’s little to stop you pursuing the path to disaster – except awareness of what that means, and the early warning signs to watch for.

The Dividing Line

Substance abuse is excessive or problem use. Addiction is dependence on the substance. Both abuse and addiction have serious health and social consequences for the users and those around them. But while users and abusers are able to change their drinking or drugging habits, alcoholics or addicts cannot, however hard they try. You’re at special risk of crossing the line to abuse or addiction if you’re into instant gratification, have poor impulse control and lack problem-solving skills.

The Dangers

Many young people are unaware that alcohol is the most widely abused substance. And it’s lethal. Alcoholism can take 10 years off your life or kill you – or others – through accidents or violence. Drinking regularly or excessively (more than two units a day for women, three for men) damages almost every organ in the body. One in three heavy drinkers suffers liver inflammation and one in five of these develop cirrhosis, a hardening of the liver that can be fatal. Heavy drinkers are also prone to cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal problems and cancer. Even moderate drinking slows a person’s reaction times, affects verbal memory and brings headaches and insomnia. Indirect costs include relationship, work and financial problems, and increased risk of accidents, arguments, criminal activity and unsafe sex.

The Warning Signs

Having a couple of drinks or hits after work becomes a habit and you start to think about them during the day. You start arranging your life around the habit, becoming preoccupied by it and lying to protect it – perhaps telling your boss you’re sick and can’t stay late. Deep down you also feel concern about how much you’re drinking or using, or that you’re doing it more often. Any increase in frequency or amount used should ring alarm bells. So should waking the next day and thinking ‘I shouldn’t have done that’ – even if you don’t have physical side effects. You already have a problem if you are withdrawing from other people, losing interest in what once mattered, having problems at work, mood swings, anxiety, depression and changes in your sleeping or eating habits.

What to Do

Tell yourself you need to put the breaks on. Then test yourself: resolve not to have whatever you are using that night, or any night until Friday. If it’s too difficult and you find yourself on the slippery slope of denial – justifying your use to yourself as ‘just this once’ or telling yourself you’ll ‘start being good’ another day – you’re in danger. Try telling a trusted friend about it, asking her to monitor you. But your best option is an assessment with a specialist in substance addiction or a private substance-abuse clinic.

People are often reluctant to come before they’re convinced they have a real problem. They think clinics are for hardcore addicts only, or they’re afraid they’ll be put on a treatment program. But we assess people at any stage, and the earlier the better. Often all you need is one or two sessions to establish when and why you use a substance, which is often related to dealing with stress or anger. We show you other ways to manage these, from relaxation techniques to exercise, which gets feel-good endorphins going and boosts self-image.

When you start looking after your body you tend to cut down on substance use. You will also be guided to alternative activities for times when you usually use. And we recommend using the money you would spend on your habit on a massage or facial. You’ll still have a treat to look forward to, but with a positive spin.

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Irregular Menstruation – Is it Quite Normal to Every Woman

A change in hormone levels is a common cause of abnormal menstrual bleeding. This is called dysfunctional uterine bleeding. The menstrual cycle is a cycle of physiological changes that occurs in fertile females. Overt menstruation (where there is blood flow from the uterus through the vagina) occurs primarily in human. The menstrual cycle, under the control of the endocrine system, is necessary for reproduction.

When a lady reaches her childbearing age, hormones present in her blood start stimulating the ovaries to produce ova initiating the cycles that is generally of about 28 days. Nevertheless, this might vary substantially, surprisingly in some cases from one month to another. Also, the intensity of discomfort the woman experiences can also differ.

The menstrual cycle is not the same for every woman. On average, menstrual flow occurs every 28 days (with most women having cycles between 24 and 34 days), and lasts about 4-7 days.A small percentage of women have periods more often than every 21 days or less often than every 35 days. These variations may be normal.

The three most types of menstrual irregularities seen in women are amenorrhea (absence of menstrual cycles), dysmenorrheal (painful menstrual cycles) and menorrhagia (heavy menses). Since it is now widely known that both; the hormonal and chemical alteration in the body is the basis for such problems, the all-natural medicinal extracts present in M2 Tone are said to be very effective in helping the body to return to its normal menstrual periods without any pains and all the other troubles that interfere with woman’s daily activities.

Irregular periods can disrupt the life and if left untreated, it can further complicate the female reproductive system. Regular usage of M2 Tone is an ideal way to treat various menstrual problems and it is for the woman who wants to continue the normal balance of hormones and to get free from pains and aches. With regular menstrual cycle, the female body achieves overall good health and can keep many health ailments at bay.

M2 Tone can help the woman in many ways. It can help in all sort of menstrual problems caused due to various reasons mentioned below:-
1. Over exercising that can result in irregular menstruation.
2. Poor or mal nourishment that alters the menses cycle.
3. Diet rich in carbohydrates is also associated with hormonal imbalance and menstrual problems.
4. Some of the modern drugs can also give rise to irregularities in menstruation.
5. It is also proved that the woman who smokes can have irregular periods.

The woman can also start taking M2 Tone in order to prevent menstrual irregularities. The woman who takes coffee and other brain stimulating/depressing narcotics in excess is also prone to develop menses problem that M2 Tone can help preventing. Some of the eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa can also make menstrual cycle irregular that can be prevented with a course of M2 Tone.

M2 Tone – the answer to irregular menstruation
When M2 Tone is taken in conjunction with home-remedies such as fenugreek seeds, Indian gooseberries, holy basis and other detoxifying processes or regular exercises, it may just require about two to three to see good favorable results. Many women who have successfully undergone M2 Tone treatment report that absent menstrual cycles also started recurring with 45-60 day cyclicity and step-by-step got adjusted to 28-30 day cycle which is absolutely normal, acceptable and desirable.

As the menstrual cycles got restored, its associated problems like pimples, hirsute, obesity and mood swings eventually disappeared. In chronic cases where there is a long-term therapy of hormonal medicines or strong insulin-sensitizing medications other medications are advised.

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