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2 Shocking Stomach Flattening Myths Debunked & How To Properly Burn Fat

While trying to burn my own stomach fat and searching everywhere for a miracle something to get rid of my stomach fat I discovered there’re so many false and wrong diets available.

The media, magazines, the internet and other people who say they’re experts in the field of weight loss really know how to make desperate people who want to lose weight like me and you to buy their program, diet pill or whatever.

They know how desperate people who want to lose weight are and they know they want to lose it fast and put all kinds of miracle weight loss gimmicks in the world that really don’t work.

Now in this article I will debunk 2 of those myths.

Myth number 1: Eat Low Fat or Low Carb

A lot of people are following one of these two and yes a lot of people do manage to lose weight. But it is really long term weight loss, will you gain weight again when you start eating normal again?

First of all, I don’t know about you but losing weight needs to be fun and cravings myself with one of these diets is not fun at all.

Second, you restrict your body of eating important nutrients, you almost crave yourself to death and it’s impossible to stick for long enough on a diet like this so it’s really no long term weight loss for me.

And the fact that you’ll start eating normal again means you’ll gain weight even faster, because what happens when you crave for food and restrict it from eating important nutrients?

Yes, your body lowers your metabolism and uses lean muscle for energy and that’s why most people think they lost weight but instead you lost lean muscle and not fat. And this will make you gain weight again.

No long term weight loss here my friend.

Myth number 2: Cardio Exercises And Specific Stomach Exercises.

Myth number 2 is actually a tricky one. Cardio is actually everything that gets your heart beating faster. But for now I’ll explain the big myth of steady pace endurance cardio.

Steady pace cardio doesn’t increase resting metabolic rate high enough to burn your fat. Your body doesn’t make use of enough muscle groups to increase it.

And eventually after a while your body gets used to all the same cardio workouts, treadmills and elliptical and yet another reasons why your metabolic rate won’t increase for fat loss.

The one and only key for long term fat loss is training more and larger muscle groups to increase your resting metabolic rate and this if properly done will make you burn more calories during the workout and even till 48 hours after the workout session.

The same goes for specific stomach exercises like ab crunches, sit ups etc.

First of all you can’t spot reduce fat, that means you can’t reduce fat on a particular part on your body.

Second, these exercises only train your abdominals so you can’t increase your metabolism enough for fat loss.

But there is a positive side on these exercises too. You can harden your abs, unfortunately they won’t be visible if you still have fat so you need to get rid of the fat first.

If you really want to burn fat and maintain a healthy and lean body go to stomach flattening exercises for a proper plan for effective fat loss.

stomach flattening exercises

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