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5 Surprising Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Despite doing all of the correct things — trading those potato chips for a wholesome snack, cooking and making ready your meals at home, and getting regular exercise — you’re still struggling to shed those last ten or 20 pounds (or additional!). And it looks you’ve been at it for weeks (months, years!) and you can’t get those darn last pounds off.

Do not just assume you can’t reach your goal — you can! Of course, you are doing need to make certain your weight-loss goal is a realistic one, but all too often I notice that even “healthy” habits will get within the way of the scale moving in the correct direction.

Okay, you think I’ve lost it. You’re thinking, “How can healthy behaviors be obtaining in my manner?” Well oftentimes just some little adjustments will build massive payoffs. Here are some shocking reasons why you are not losing the burden and how to switch up your strategy to induce that scale moving down a notch:

1) You’re loading up on whole grains. You have cleared your pantry of snacks made with white flour and replaced them with heart-healthy whole-grain versions. However several of these snacks can be high in sugar, fat and sodium…not to mention calories.

I recently was at a supermarket where you’ll sample a number of the products, and I saw they had a “healthy, whole-grain, organic” granola bar. I am perpetually trying to attempt one thing new, therefore I took a small piece. At intervals a few seconds the sugar content was simply too overwhelming for me. I checked out the package — for 1 serving (one bar at thirty five grams) it had 13 grams of sugar! I used to be thinking, “I’d rather just have a cookie!” and it was a quick reminder why I don’t usually eat “packaged” snacks (if I’ve got a cookie, 8o% of the time I bake them myself). And studies have shown that people who eat the least quantity of processed whole-grain foods (like snack foods and crackers) fancy the biggest weight-control benefits.

Therefore even if that packaged food is “whole grain” or has another health-claim on it (and beware of these claims….) remember it’s still packaged food. Aim to eat things like brown and wild rice, bulgur, quinoa, spelt and oatmeal instead. And try to keep the bulk of your whole grains as close to “whole” as doable — meaning less processed. A whole food (ie, real food) is a lot of higher for you than something out of a package.

2) You permit yourself a “cheat day”…or two. Being one in all my readers, and I’m certain from your own personal expertise, you know that denying yourself all treats when attempting to lose or maintain weight can set you up for a binge. Therefore your answer? For being “smart” during the week you permit yourself to splurge on weekends. Currently I am not against having a cheat day here and there, but for several this feast or famine mentality can backfire. And too usually one cheat day turns into 2, then three, and before you know per week (or weeks!) have gone along and you’re right back at where you started.

Thus if you are doing have a cheat day — keep it to a DAY. And do not use it as a free-pass to go crazy. Don’t start the day with donuts for breakfast, then McDonald’s for lunch, and an enormous pizza for dinner. Permit yourself some treats or your favorite foods — but keep it to a minimum. One sensible strategy is instead of getting a cheat day, allow yourself a FEW SMALL treats a few times throughout the week, rather than waiting until Friday night to splurge.

three) You create your own meals. Okay, cooking your own meals is one amongst (if not THE) best ways for weight-loss, maintaining weight-loss, and overall higher health. But if you are not aware, some dangerous habits in the kitchen will simply translate into further pounds. As an example: selecting at food while you cook, using a serious hand with sauces and dressings, taking second (or third) helpings, and nibbling leftovers as you’re clearing the table. Therefore preparing and cooking your own meals is great, just bear in mind of a number of these little ‘habits’ than can backfire if you are not careful.

Thus get out there and cook — however do not nibble an excessive amount of and bear in mind of the “mindless eating” which will go on.

4) You have created and keeping to a routine. Currently having a routine is good. However often when it comes to our food, even healthy food, we have a tendency to can get STUCK in a routine. Which means we’re eating the identical things again and again again. You have a handful of recipes and meals that you simply prepare week when week. And whether or not they’re healthy, you are body starts to adjust.

Therefore you need to strive some new things and shake it up a bit. And your body needs to get some completely different nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Therefore if you always have a banana along with your cereal for breakfast, switch it up and and have some recent berries instead. Or whip up a fruit smoothie. Perhaps you’ve got a salad with grilled chicken some times per week for lunch Make things totally different (and acquire some great Omega 3’s) and have a bit of salmon instead. If your traditional veggie with dinner is either broccoli or carrots, strive one thing new sort of a spinach, kale, swiss chard, squash, zucchini, okra, leeks….the list goes on. The point is you’ll would like to be eating some different things to introduce to your body, AND to stay your taste buds happy.

5) You like your exercise program. It’s BEST to get pleasure from the exercise you are getting, but you’ve been doing the same exercise routine for months. Maybe you walk for 30 minutes 5 days a week. Walking is nice, however at some point you are going to want to step it up or a minimum of switch it up to work out more weight loss.

Replace in the future of walking with swimming, tennis, dancing, a fitness category at a local gym, yoga, running, do an exercise video at home….you get the idea. But you need to challenge your body and to figure different muscles. And just like together with your food, it’s a great approach to avoid boredom. Even if you love walking, add in some different exercises every so often (or for even better results, at least once every week).

At the gym I often realize myself doing the identical recent things: elliptical or treadmill, some free weights and crunches (for my abs). But at least each other week I force myself to do something different. Whether or not it’s employing a weight machine instead of the free weights. The following day I am going to feel it in muscles in areas of my body I didn’t recognize existed! Or I will take a stretching or yoga class. Simply one thing to keep my body (and mind) challenged and operating a totally different area.

Thus don’t let an exercise routine become too habitual. Time to time shake things up a small amount and strive something new. You just would possibly be stunned how your body reacts (in a positive approach!)

Therefore if the size hasn’t moved for a while, have a look at some areas that could use some tweaking. Though your body will want time to adjust to any weight loss, it’s normal for the size to not move much during per week or two. However if it’s been weeks or months — take a nearer have a look at creating some small changes even if you are doing everything “right”.

Some tiny tweaking may be just what your body wants to maneuver the scale in the correct direction. As that is what losing weight, and keeping it off, is all about….continually learning, fine tuning, and being open to new things. Come to think about it, that’s what LIFE is all about. And making the most effective of your life is what ought to be your motivation. Therefore shake things up!

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