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5 Tips to Create a Healthy Christmas Dinner

Tip 1 – Instead of grill, bake the meat in a wire rack. Doing so allows excess fat in the meat to drain off.

Tip 2 – Bake open-top mince pies. This allows you to use less pastry that instantly reduces the calorie and fat content by half the amount. You can choose the healthier filo pastry which is lower in calories compared to traditional pastry. Another brilliant trick is to mix finely chopped fresh apples to the mincemeat. Doing so lowers the mince pies’ calorie content.

Tip 3 – Replace salted peanuts with raw nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds that are rich in protein, essential fats and minerals

Tip 4 – Dunp sugar based confectionaries for healthier choice of dried fruits such as apples, apricots, banana, raisins and currant. These dried fruits last longer and are deliciously sweet too

Tip 5 – Do the ‘food swap’. For instance, you can make the following swaps:

  • Salted crisps for tortilla chips
  • Breaded chicken bite for a marinated chicken bite
  • Mini pastry tartlet for a mini filo tartlet
  • Mini bhaji for a mini satay stick
  • Pre-mixed Buck’s fizz for for a wine spritzer

The fundamentals to maintaining your weight loss is to swap any high fat/high calorie foods for healthier (and equally tasty) alternatives. The process might be gruelling, but it is definately worth the effort at the end of day.

Don’t be surprised that nobody would even realise that you can offer them a healthier version of their favourite delicacies and yet keep your Christmas fun, exciting and most importantly delicious.

Give these tips a try and make your Christmas weight loss regime stress free.

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