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8 Points You Should Know About an Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet

A balanced pH level not only leads to better health, it can be effective as a weight loss method too. You’ve heard about maintaining the pH balance of your skin, but what about the rest of your body? Here are some interesting facts and recommendations to help you balance your pH level.

1. A pH of 7 is neutral. Above 7 is an alkaline pH, below 7 is an acid pH. While there are symptoms that point to your body being more acidic or alkaline, it is easy enough to test your urine or saliva with pH paper available from the pharmacist.

2. Everything you put into your body is broken down, leaving a residue – either alkaline or acid ash. Your body eliminates what you don’t need – or stores the excess. Too much acidity or alkalinity can lead to health problems, illness and weight gain.

3. Maintaining a balanced pH level is as easy as regulating the food you eat. Different foods leave different residues in our bodies, so in order to maintain a slightly alkaline level, you need to eat the right foods to regain that ph level. If your body is showing an acidic pH, you’ll want to cut back on the acidic foods and increase the alkaline foods, and vice versa if your pH is too high on the alkaline side.

4. An acid alkaline balancing diet plan will not only help you lose weight, it can help relieve persistent illnesses and ailments such as nasal congestion, colds and flu, headaches, arthritis, dry hair and skin and more. Making the body more alkaline is widely accepted as an important factor in fighting cancer – so the health benefits are enormous!

5. Make sure you get a comprehensive list of acid and alkaline foods – it’s not as straightforward as it seems. For instance, orange juice is acidic in its natural state, but once metabolized, it leaves an alkaline ash, so it is considered an alkaline food.

6. An acid alkaline diet can be the ideal weight loss plan for vegetarians, who often find other diets rely too much on animal protein. Animal protein is highly acidic, and not considered ideal to regain a pH balance.

7. Once you’ve achieved a balance in your body’s pH level, it is quite easy to maintain a slightly alkaline pH by watching what you eat. Your body needs both acid and alkaline to function properly, so don’t overdo the alkalinity. Most diet plans will recommend a 70% alkaline – 30% acid diet.

8. Not only is a balanced pH level good for weight loss, it’s good for fighting the aging process too. The free radical oxidation that takes place when you eat acidic foods makes you age faster, and vitamins and minerals are not as easily absorbed in an acidic environment.

So it seems, just like your swimming pool water needs the pH levels checked regularly to keep it sparkling, so does your body! A balanced pH level will leave you feeling more energetic, more alert and healthier. If you start an acid-alkaline diet for the purpose of losing weight, you will find it is easy to adapt and include in your everyday life, so your weight loss is maintained, and your health improves too. The secret’s in the balance!

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