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Affirmations For Successful Weight Loss

Weight loss affirmations are an unusual tool for weight loss that may be helpful for you. Such affirmations should be positive and turn on the positive power of thought. Your thinking has a huge ability to change your reality and the world around you.

Many weight loss programs are not working and are not leading to significant results simply because they are based on wrong ideas and wrong affirmations. So when choosing weight loss affirmations or creating your own ones, make sure they are positive. It is not recommended to include words about losing weight into them. Your affirmations should reflect the reality, but not your fantasy or imagination. It is also recommended to focus on something more powerful than weight loss in developing your affirmations.

A lot of books are written on the fact that like attracts like. That is why your weight loss affirmations should be positive and reflect high motivation. Weight loss is often accompanied with strong negative emotions like guilt, frustration and low self esteem. That is why your weight loss affirmation should not mention weight loss at all. If you think of “weight loss” all the time, your subconscious is likely to focus on the word “weight”. And this will be directing your behavior in a large way.

According to the previous statement it is better to focus on becoming healthy rather than on losing weight. The concept of health is a lot more positive than the concept of getting rid of unwanted pounds. Words about becoming healthier could literally change you with motivation. And at the same time they reflect the reality rather than some artificial ideas. You could also develop affirmations that include words about developing a beautiful body and a healthy life style and so on.

When deciding to become slimmer most people do not really want to lose weight. They want to get an attractive body instead. Of course, you need to have a plan of losing some pounds. However, your goal should be positive and it should deal with getting a better shape and a more beautiful body.

Effective affirmations are the ones that motivate you and set exciting goals n front of you rather than focusing on weight loss. Try to put weight loss into the second place.

If you go to internet and look for information on weight loss affirmations, you will find quite a few of them that deal with releasing and getting rid of something instead of trying to create or develop what you do want to have.

If you want to be healthy and happy, then you should develop corresponding affirmations. And do not try to think of what you do not want to have!

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