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All About Seductive Chocolate And How It Dependence Can Actually Affect You Figure And Weight.

Chocolate is made of seeds of a tree of the obroma cacao. Obroma is the Greek word meaning “food of gods”. Aztecs have found out that if to shatter cocoa beans in paste and to add spices the freshening and nutritious drink will turn out. This drink most likely was very bitter unlike modern chocolate drinks. In XVI century the European researchers have brought this drink to Europe and in it has been added some sweeter and soon it has gotten popular as expensive luxury.

In 1800-th have invented process of preparation of chocolate bars and firm chocolate became popular. Mechanical crushers crushed cocoa beans in a small powder which could be heated up and poured in forms, receiving the chocolate form when it stiffened.

In 1875 Swiss Daniel Peter has improved manufacture of a milk chocolate which dark chocolate is more sweet and smooth, rather than. Just thought up Nestle the condensed milk was easier to mix from cocoa paste, rather than watery milk. Firm Cadbury milk chocolate has been created for the first time in 1905. Now a milk chocolate is the most popular chocolate in the world.

The love to chocolate extends further simple love to the sweet. Chocolate can cause such desire of what other products with sugar are not capable. Chocolate forces us to feel well, but whether it can cause dependence?

All modern chocolate products contain a sugar in significant amount; this fact partially explains dependence on chocolate.

Sweet lovers it is possible to be by right of succession. The recent researches spent by the New York university, show that there is a genetic reason because of which some people love the sweet. Research has been based on two groups of the mice chosen on the basis of those, their parents loved the sweetened water or not. Scientists have calculated a gene different at these mice and then searched for a similar gene at people.

Possibility to define sweet products and the tendency positively to react to them would be advantage to our ancestors. Such genetic ability forced the prehistoric person to search for especially nutritious products rich with energy, for example, fruit, and to avoid bitter and poisonous plants. This ancient genetic feature, possibly, is less useful to us in present supermarkets.

As well as other sweet products, chocolate are stimulated with allocation of endorphins that is natural hormones which give us sensation of happiness and well-being. If not to consider sweet of chocolate, there are some more chemical elements inherent in chocolate which stimulate dependence. Generally, in chocolate contains more than 300 elements and till now it is not known as all of them influence the person.

Also at chocolate in small quantities there are stimulators of the central nervous system, for example, caffeine. It influences vigilance as we know from coffee. Other soft stimulator present at chocolate is teobromine which helps to weaken muscles and in lungs. Also chocolate forces us to feel well, influencing a brain activity.

However, it is not only makes us feel good but it can also affect our appearance, but only in the case if you would consume it all the time. So do not worry for your figure, because chocolate is totally safe for you and if you are sitting on a diet you can still eat it, but only in small quantities.

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