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Benefits of Anti Obesity Drugs

Anti obesity drugs, also known as diet pills, are pharmacological agents that is used to reduce or control one’s weight. These medications conduct weight loss simply by suppressing the appetite of the user and speeding up the person’s metabolism. This is done by using catecholamines and their derivatives, like amphetamine made pills. Other pills affect the body’s absorption of specific nutrients. Orlistat or Xenical is able to block the digestion of fat, preventing it from being absorbed in your body. Fiber supplements like glucomannan and guar gum can lower the absorption of calories.
Diet medication is commonly prescribed as treatment for those who are obese. These meds should only be taken based on the doctor’s prescription since they cause side effects. Other diet pills are used as stimulants, but these are not suggested for overweight patients who are after long term weight loss.
The first popular weight loss product was amphetamines in the 30s. Aside from being able to suppress appetite, they were able to increase the user’s alertness. More people began to use these pills in the next few decades, along with other meds believed to induce more weight reduction. A ‘Rainbow pill’ following began, with people using diuretics, laxatives, and barbiturate in an attempt to wade the effects of the stimulants. This led to a a huge number of deaths, and was later investigated. Because of the increased number of pill intake, additional restrictions were set forth on the medical marketplace. The Food and Drug Administration then forbid the use of amphetamines.
The latest development in anti obesity drugs is the Rimonabant or Acomplia, which blocks cannabinoid (CB1) receptors to lessen the user’s appetite. This is achieved by stimulating particular neuro-transmitters which is in charge of your food intake. Your overall food intake and appetite decrease, not only leading to a reduced weight but at the same time preventing extra weight gains. Rimonabant also prevents hyperlipidemia and insulin resistance, two effects of obesity. Using Rimonabant is not enough, because this should come with proper and an exercise program. Similar to almost all, if not all, anti obesity meds, it is only recommended for adults with serious weight problems.
Being overweight is a serious matter and should not be interpreted as a slight increase of your weight. In truth, diet medications are commonly used if the advantages are greater than any other form of treatment. It is always best to take these products along with a proper diet and exercise.

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