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Calorie Shifting

Calorie Shifting is gaining popularity as a diet and as a lifestyle. It can be so confusing trying to pick a diet that works for you while, everyone is trying to sell their take on weight loss. In the following article, I’ll explain what calorie shifting is and how it can help you. It can be extremely difficult to figure out what calorie shifting is when you’re constantly bombarded with offers that explain how great a diet is, but don’t actually explain how to follow it. This is the association, calorie shifting is the technique used in the fatloss4idiots diet. Even though calorie shifting has been a method used for many years it only gained popularity after the release of fatloss4idiots. The calorie shifting dieting method has seen so much success. Its success lies in the simplicity of the dieting method. You get to pick from a list of 20 different types of protein rich foods and then you pick from a list of 20 carbohydrate rich foods. The software mixes those foods together into an 11 day menu. Now, it’s not that simple. Each of the 4 meals you consume throughout the day and the combinations of foods have a” metabolism boosting effect”. You see, it’s not just about the food you eat, but also about the when you eat those foods and what kind of food you’re consuming. By eating different amounts of calories each day and different kinds of calories, you can keep your metabolism in high gear. Maintaining a high metabolic rate is very important in the quest to lose weight. If this method interests you and if you would like to learn more about calorie shifting and how you can benefit from this technique, please visit for more info. Sign up to their 5 day menu plan for more info.

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Some more benefits of a calorie shifting diet is the fact that you never starve yourself and you get to pick the foods in your diet. I would suggest taking a look at the a sample menu plan found at

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