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Can I Use Resveratrol For Weight Loss?

Most people have heard that a glass or 2 of red wine everyday is very healthy for you. Especially if you are an athlete or on a diet, that the wine is good for you is not because of the alcohol, but because of a compound called Resveratrol that is just under the skin of the grapes. So far the biggest problem with drinking vine as a diet supplement and health supplement has been the harm full effects of the alcohol.

These days are now over. Science have figured out how to take out the good part, Resveratrol and even enhanced it. So now you can get Resveratrol supplements, where 100 mg of Resveratrol is equal 750 bottles of the healthy part of red wine, with out alcohol and with any calories. Imagine what that can do to you and your health.

Resveratrol is very effective when it comes to weight loss, mainly because of 3 things. There are 3 main key issues that are important, when it comes to promoting a weight loss. Metabolism Increased Energy Appetite Suppressant Most weight loss pills usually only target one of those three components, very often with doubt full results.

Resveratrol has the abilities to target all three of these factors at the same time. Studies has shown that Resveratrol is able to trigger the anti aging gene SIRT 1, that are not only responsible in slow down aging and age related diseases, but also controls many factors that has to do with weight loss. First, a research in Finland on Humans showed that the test group did not only trigger the Anti Aging abilities in the SIRT 1 gene, but also experienced and increased metabolism and increase in energy, when taking a Resveratrol supplement.

The increased metabolic rate in the test group, gave an overall fat weight loss. Second, Resveratrol is an excellent Appetite Suppressant agent, because Resveratrol can inhibit the secretion of insulin released by your pancreas. What that means is, that your cravings especially for sweet stuff will decrease and you will not end up in the evil spiral of hunger, where your brain releases hunger hormones, because your body think its being hungry. As a result when no insulin is present, no sugar will be stored as fat. So yes Resveratrol is excellent when you want to lose weight. Another good part is it is all natural with no side effects.

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