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Diet That Will Keep Your Immune System Healthy

That your immunity was in a full order, it is necessary to observe posts in the spring and every day to drink cod-liver oil even if you are absolutely healthy. Let me give you few advices:

– In the winter we move less and we eat more. From a table vegetables and fruits disappear. We start to eat more meat, fat, smoked products, canned food. We litter themselves with toxins. And after all they prevent to be protected to immune system from illnesses. Every possible colds, infections and depressions begin. A conclusion is that it is necessary to review the food you eat in the winter.

What to do to sit on a diet or, on the contrary, to eat whatever you want?

– Yes, the special diet in winter is necessary. It is very important to watch that all harmful substances which are formed at digestion and were in due time deduced from an organism of especially animal food like meat, eggs, dairy products. In their basis is restriction of fat food. From the point of view of medicine, it is the most effective method of clarification of an organism.

But what if the woman cannot sustain to such diet or restrictions?

Then it is necessary at least sometimes, but regularly to refuse from meat and dairy food. For example, it is possible to observe this diet on Fridays or once a month to arrange for yourself such diet week. To begin it is better on Friday evening. The organism is reconstructed on an active cleaning mode. it is also useful to drink a glass of sour cowberry water. It will force to work actively kidneys, a liver and intestines.

That is once a month absolutely healthy woman should doom herself to half-starved existence?

Such diet is not starvation and only refusal of meat, fish, eggs, milk and animal fat. It is possible to name it as a vegetarian week. You can indulge yourselves with fried potatoes prepared on vegetable oil and pies with a vegetable or mushroom stuffing, fritters and baked apples with jam. On your table there should be vegetables, fruits, green leafy vegetables, a string bean, mushrooms in any kind, nuts, products from a soya, porridges, soups, stewed vegetables and every possible salads. Dry white wine is very useful, too.

And here it is better to replace coffee and strong black tea with fruits compotes and berry juices from a cranberry, a cowberry, a black currant and a dogrose. And to drink them it is necessary in a considerable quantity. And already next day it is possible to return to your favorite sausages and a grill chicken.

What vitamins need to be accepted during winter time?

It is better to drink the balanced vitamin complexes.

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