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Diet Tips – Celebrate The Christmas Season in a Guilt – Free Way!

Feel guilty after every Christmas feast? Fret not! Follow my 4 simple diet tips and you will be on your way to a guilt-free Christmas.

a. Alcohol contains lots of hidden calories, which you may not be aware of and which can cause you to gain weight without you realsing it. The average pint contains more than 250 calories, while spirit shots such as vodka has over 50 calories.
Be careful and selective about which drinks you choose. Moderation is the word.

– For every glass of alcohol, drink 1 glass of water. Drinking water will reduce the feeling of being bloated.
– Replace alcohol with healthy drinks such as fruit juices or non-alcohol drinks

b. If your Christmas Party is having a buffet, there are number of ways to prevent you from snacking and ruining your diet plan.

– Eat before you attend the party. Eat a healthy and fulfilling meal before you set off to your party.
– Go up to the buffet table once and fill your plate. The challenge with buffets is that you can go to the buffet table and fill your plate many times, without any restriction – and many people do it, without realising it. By filling your plate with your favourite food the first time, you will feel satisfied and are less likely to reach for the buffet table again.

c. Control and strategise where you are standing. If you are standing close to the buffet table, the chances of you going to the buffet table and snacking are very high. Position yourself away from the buffet table where you are less likely to be tempted by the food on the buffet table.

d. Use the opportunity to enjoy yourself and burn some calories by dancing all night.

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