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Discover How To Lose Weight Without Changing Your Lifestyle

Have you attempted a variety of diets and been unsuccessful? Maybe even tried a little exercise just to discover that you lose a little weight, but it comes immediately back on again? Well don’t be concerned. There’s a reason why this happens and in this article I’ll clarify why it occurs and how to overcome it. Stress is not simply a mental response, but a bodily condition. When put under stress, your body will generate adrenaline, but it also produces a hormone named Cortisol. This hormone is responsible for channeling energy in the form of sugar into the body to power the adrenalin rush. Stress is therefore a perfectly natural condition that exists to keep us aware of events going on around us. Unfortunately there is a detrimental side effect if you are not making use of this energy source. Stress in todays world frequently takes the shape of financial concerns, issues in the workplace, personal problems and much more. The additional blood sugar that is released has nowhere else to settle apart from around your stomach and it subsequently turns to fat. As a result of this, many folks are keeping or gaining weight without even knowing it.

Of course there are other considerations, but stress is one that very few people speak about. Stress nonetheless needs to be dealt with and fought against, just as an unhealthy diet needs to be. This might be the one obstacle preventing you from shedding the weight you so keenly want to. Stress compounded with worry is in fact doubly bad. Not only do the pair generate the surplus blood sugars that turn to fat, but they also cause you to resort to comfort eating. You may reach out for chocolate or fast food for that immediate hit that is the nutritional equivalent of a caring hug from a loved one. Eating these foods that are not good for you when you are anxious does not mean that you are weak willed. You are simply pursuing your biological programming. Laboratory Tests on animals have revealed that, during stress, organisms naturally partake in pleasure seeking activities. In particular high calorie foodstuffs. Other tests have revealed that people who just manage to get four hours sleep a night have on average a thirty seven percent higher trace level of Cortisol in comparison to those who are able to get full eight hours rest. (cortisol is the hormone that increases blood sugar levels).

And what is one of the major reasons for lack of sleep? Stress! On top of that, it is vital you get a decent nights rest when attempting to shed the pounds, since a deep sleep will lead to greater secretions of a naturally occurring hormone named the Human Growth Hormone. This safeguards your muscle mass and it is muscle that helps you to retain a steady burning metabolism. We’re not talking weightlifter type muscle here either, only the natural kind we all need. Of course if you are already anxious, the odds are that you are not getting sufficient sleep already and so are trapped in a vicious circle that is negatively affecting your weight loss. Going to your doctors to enquire about prescriptive sleeping medication is an option, but this needs to be used together with a healthy lifestyle and not in place of one. Luckily, despite stress being the silent diet killer, there are a few straightforward methods to eliminate it. Firstly with a little amount of exercise, you can help yourself achieve an easier nights rest which kills two birds with one stone. Just a quick walk each day will be sufficient for your body to fall asleep in a relaxed manner by the end of the day. A decent breakfast is also allied with lower stress levels. Avoiding breakfast is only asking for trouble and will in fact have an adverse effect on your weight loss. You need to eat breakfast to boost your energy levels.

This will also handle your Cortisol levels. Cereal is particularly good at this. Fish is an alternative food that you might consider adding to your diet to lower stress and therefore help with your weight loss. Oily fish are particularly well known for their high Omega 3 content. In fact a single tin of sardines actually contains a complete weeks worth of Omega 3, which is good news for your dietary planning. Finally teach yourself to accept stress and make use of it. In other words make stress work for you. We all need a little stress to keep us on our toes and in this day and age it is all around. The trick is to put events into perspective and ask yourself “Are things genuinely that bad?”. Often we allow day to day events to stress us out unnecessarily. Don’t forget, overcoming stress with a healthy diet plan might just be the astonishing weight loss plan you’ve been looking for all along.

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