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Do You Have Your Food Journal Diary?

Actually, the first thing I would like to get to know is whether you log your food. In case you do not do this, you should! It was scientifically proven and written in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine that those who have their food journal diaries of everything they have eaten in most cases lose twice the weight as those who have not. It means that being aware of the amount of calories we consume on a daily basis and the type of food we take is going to help us make our choices in favor of healthy food. So, from this small introduction we can draw the simple logical conclusion that we have to start any program with a food log and this have to become our habit.

However, many people consider that having the log of food they eat makes them a good turn in being concentrated on the amount and type of calories, carbs and proteins they consume. I must admit that the biggest part of my customers has logged their foods and this, in fact, has changed what they ate and really shed a light on what their food has included before. It is not a secret that when you log your diet into a special journal, you provide yourself with healthy choices, with a track of your success, and you can also come back and review your log in order to catch the idea from where you feel better about the diet and when you have started losing weight. Of course, I understand that you might be frightened with the need to write something there, but this food journal won’t take much of your time and it is easier than you think. What is the most important is that your journal should be on the visible place, so that you do not forget to register there and do not miss the point of the day. Besides, it is essential that you do not skip time in making notes, as it is going to be difficult to track the progress. Why do you have to possess this log? The thing is that people tend to forget everything they consumed during the day the next morning. So, for you to remember about all chocolate and candies you have eaten, you are responsible for writing everything down. In case you face some difficulties with making calculations of proteins, carbs and fats, you can use various reference books that surely involve all the information needed. Finally, do not forget that you can easily determine everything you have eaten thanks to the labels on the packages of food. To sum up, you should not ignore the advice to have a food dairy, because if you want to lose weight, this is definitely going to be a helpful note for you.

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