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Eat Junk Foods and Still Lose Weight

Do you know that salads can help you lose weight in multiple ways? If you eat salad with every meal, your metabolic rate will increase, which in turn will help you burn fat fast! But there is another way in which salads can help you with weight loss, something you might not be aware of! Eating junk foods alone is not okay, but if you eat salads with junk foods, you will be able to offset any further weight gain!

You maybe are wondering how salads can help you so much, especially when you have tried almost all the available fad diet plans out there and still failed miserably. Well, it all happens because of the transaction between two types of chemicals. Do you know why you became overweight? Yes, the obvious answer is that you became overweight because of eating junk foods.

But why would you gain weight by eating junk foods? You gained weight because the foods you ate such as soft drinks, red meat, sugar, dairy foods, etc., are rich in acids. These acids would have killed you if left ‘as is’ inside your body. To save you from untimely death, your body bound these acids with fat, neutralized them and stored them as fat deposits inside your body!

Now, as a matter of fact, green vegetables such as salads contain a lot of alkaline. Alkaline is the worst enemy of acids. When alkaline enters your body, it will cleanse your body of all the toxins that you have in the form of fat deposits. In this way you will see that you are able to shed all the extra pounds very quickly! The more green and leafy vegetables you eat, the faster you will lose weight!

That is why I told you at the beginning of this article that even if you eat junk foods once in a while, it is important to add a green vegetable to it. Whenever you enter a fast food restaurant, ask the waiter to serve you with some salads, along with the regular food. Since salads contain alkaline, it will neutralize the acids contained in the junk foods, thereby preventing any further weight gain!

Of course, if you are serious about weight loss, you should not make it a regular habit to eat junk foods. Plan your meals in such a way that at least 70-80% of your meal consists of raw vegetables and fruits while the rest can be cooked meal! Planning your meals in this way will enable you to lose weight very quickly! Remember that the faster you lose weight, the quicker you can acquire a sexy body like your favorite celebrity! 

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