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Eat Sugar And Lose Weight!

I understand what you’re thinking. “This guy must be fully crazy!” “He is actually telling me that eating sugar can help me burn off excess body fat. How can that possibly be true?” Well, for starters, I am not suggesting that you simply go hit your nearest ice cream look and head to town on the most important size available. I conjointly wouldn’t advocate guzzling up a couple snicker bars or something even shut to that. What I’m talking about may be a concept called “macronutrient timing,” and in this article, I’m going to indicate you simply how you can utilize it to assist you lose weight by, yes, that’s right, eating sugar!

I hope that if you’re making an attempt to lose weight, additionally to your amendment in eating habits you are additionally exercising, and hopefully, half of that exercise is resistance training. If you are, keep reading. We’ll assume as an example’s sake, that the kind of resistance coaching that you are using is weight training. So, when you lift weights, and exhaust the muscles, you deplete the muscles with something known as glycogen. Glycogen is that the “fuel” that helps the muscles work. Your muscles get glycogen from eating sufficient amounts of carbohydrates throughout the day. Are you starting to see how sugar (a carbohydrate) can profit you the burden trainer? Keep reading.

Here is an example: You only got done doing an intense chest/triceps workout (a typical workout as half of a “split” routine). Your muscles are aching. You recognize that you need protein post workout so as to repair the injury that you did to your muscle fibers during weight training. You also grasp that it’s best to take whey protein, and in shake kind, since you want protein in your system as fast as attainable, because you have a limited time to get that protein in your system for maximum absorption. Therefore, you brought your protein powder with you in a cup, you run it beneath the faucet, combine the protein up, and slam it down. Nice job, but there is a good higher way, and here it is.

If you would have added sugar to your post workout shake, you’d have given yourself a lot more profit, provided that you used the right amount, and the proper type. You see, after you perform resistance exercises like weight training and so put micro tears in your muscles and at the same time, deplete your muscle’s glycogen storages, not only do you have got to drink protein to repair the broken muscle tissue, but you should additionally drink carbohydrates in the shape of sugar to refill your muscles with glycogen; doing therefore can give your muscles with a fuller, harder look, and will additionally help the muscles grow.

Ladies, do not worry, you too can profit from supplementing with post workout sugar. Let me explain. Any gain in lean muscle mass can facilitate your burn excess body fat a lot of efficiently, because the larger your muscles are, the a lot of calories they will require so as to keep up their new, larger size. This means that your muscles will be dipping into your excess body fat, to use as fuel to sustain their size. Are you with me thus far? Good. Supplementing your post workout shake with sugar can help your muscles grow, and thus burn excess body fat! This is often how sugar will truly facilitate your lose weight. Oh, but there’s another thing… what kind of sugar should you utilize?

The best kind of sugar to use is called “dextrose.” Dextrose is typically sold at health food stores, and if you can’t realize it at your local one, it is positively sold online, for concerning $a pair of per pound. The price is definitely right. But why not simply drink one hundred% juice and acquire sugar that method? Because the type of sugar found in fruit juice, known as “fructose,” is lower on the glycemic index than a sugar like dextrose, that means that that it is not digested quickly, will not considerably raise insulin levels, and so will not replenish glycogen stores quickly enough to take advantage of your post workout “window of opportunity,” which is when your muscles are primed for most absorption of nutrients.

“Table sugar,” called “sucrose” conjointly wouldn’t do very well at replenishing your muscle glycogen, as a result of sucrose is fifty% fructose, and as you currently understand, fructose is not the perfect choice for building muscle and ultimately, burning excess body fat. Thus, unfortunately, you can’t stuff your face on Hershey bars when a robust workout and expect to grow new muscle tissue.

I hope you’ve got a new appreciation for sugar and its positive result on weight loss once having scan this article, especially for those of you out there who assume that carbs are “evil.” Do not laugh, I have truly heard some individuals say that before! What it all comes all the way down to is that the kind of sugar you choose to use, and the way quickly once your workout you decide to use it. To sum it up, Dextrose is that the sort of sugar you wish, and you may want to consume it while attainable after you end up your workout, along with your protein of course. Please do use caution or possibly avoid this sort of supplementation all together but if you’ve got diabetes or are at risk for diabetes.

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