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Excess Weight Increases Risk Of A Cancer

The British researchers have found out that about 6 000 women of advanced age in Great Britain fall ill with a cancer because they suffer from excess weight or adiposity.

The analysis in which it has been studied about 45 000 cases of disease by a cancer among 1st million of women for more than seven-year period has shown that in five percent of cases the role of excess weight has played. In fifty percent of cases of disease a cancer of a uterus and a gullet of one of the main causes of illness is excess weight.

Two thirds of all of 6 000 cases of a cancer disease connected with excess weight, make a cancer of a mammary gland and a uterus cancer. The interrelation between risk of a cancer and the excess weight of a body also depends on a life stage. For example, the risk of a cancer of a mammary gland at stout women increases after climax and probability of disease by intestines cancer before climax.

It is important to consider main principles of diet:

Healthy and balanced eating 6-7 times day, small portions, at the same time the weight within norm every day allows to support and also to avoid sharp differences of levels of glucose and insulin in blood.

Caloric content of food and a parity of fats, fibers and carbohydrates in a food allowance should remain day by day identical.

You should take only simple carbohydrates as they promote fast increase of weight. Well trained patients, if necessary, can include in a food to 5 % not high-calorie, simple carbohydrates. Sometimes, instead of simple carbohydrates it is recommended to use products with sugar substitutions which are not giving calories or having very limited quantity.

The considerable quantity of cellulose in a food allow from 20 grams to 40 grams a day.

Restriction of consumption of the products containing fats and especially a phytogenesis fats as the most high-calorie.

Fibers are a necessary component of the balanced food, the daily quantity of fiber in food should make 1,0-0,8 g/kg of weight of a body.
Restriction of consumption of salt since sodium containing in it promotes liquid delays in an organism and to increase of arterial pressure. The daily requirement of an organism for table salt makes 5-8 grams, at arterial hypertension, hypostases – 2-3 grams should be considered that in daily quantity of not added some salt products already contains 1,5-2 г salts.

The Diet should be vitamin-rich and contain necessary quantity of microcells. During winter and spring season reception of vitamins and food additives is recommended. Restriction of the use of strong and sweet alcoholic drinks since alcohol can stimulate appetite. It is recommended to reduce saturation as it also possesses high caloric content.

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