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Factors That Make Women More Prone to Gaining Weight Than Men

Studies conducted on female weight gain show that women are more prone to gaining weight as compared to men. This is the reason why slimming pill like Reductil is quite popularly used amongst women compare to men.

Hormonal factors

To say that women are more prone to gaining weight because they eat more than men, wouldn’t be right. If at all, most women eat less than men. So why are they susceptible to gaining more weight? The answer lies in the action of the various hormones present in the body, and most importantly, in the proper balance of the hormones imbalance. Hormonal imbalance leads to weight gain. Slimming pills like Reductil try to overturn this hormonal imbalance that is usually a result of age, menopause, the intake of certain medications, or a woman’s lifestyle.

Busy women are candidates for weight gain

Here again, hormonal imbalance is the true reason for weight gain. Busy women might not have the time to exercise regularly or eat a healthy diet. They might also be prone to stress as a result of work pressure. This disrupts the hormonal balance leading to weight gain. For such women, a fast action slimming pill like Reductil has come as a good answer for quick weight loss.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Women who have an active night life are also candidates for weight gain. Women, who have a night on the town regularly, might imbibe more alcohol then is normal. They might also tend to eat more fatty foods in the form of fried or junk food. This leads to an increase in weight. It’s important that these women cut down on their night life and begin a rigorous diet and exercise plan. At the same time taking a good and effective slimming pill will complement their efforts in this regard. Reductil is one of the options for the same.

Gaining more weight to look good

Women, at times, try to gain weight in order to get those sexy curves. This is when they might try to binge on a few fatty foods in order to gain weight. At times this gets out of hand and suddenly the emphasis on weight gain needs to transform itself into a need to lose weight quickly. Again, a course of a slimming pill like Reductil will be well in order.

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