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Fat Loss Review – The Eating Out Diet

So how do we do it, the eating out diet? We have had the revelation that has inspired a change of mind about the way we eat. The research did its convicting work and the change is irrevocable. We have committed to ‘do or die’ in the moment of our epiphany. Yet here we are . It is Friday evening and we are in the presence of friends having a great time having been invited out to that restaurant. What do we do ? This is the eating out diet. Pizza was not in the plan. Pasta was not in the plan. The pressure to conform was not in the plan!. Cold beads of sweat are beginning to appear on the brow and a feeling of “not really feeling that hungry thank you” is beginning to settle in the pit of the stomach. The pulsing of elevated blood pressure in the neck and temple. Shortness of breath and our fingernails are feeling unusually sensitive. The eating out diet is looking better eaten in. Where is the restroom? Where are the exit doors? Is this really worth a heart attack? TGIF ? So what is this eating out diet thing all about anyway? We can always begin tomorrow! Yes, compromise is the answer.

All great individuals have learned the art of compromise. It is a survival skill in this world or ours, and if we are to survive we must implement our artistic gifting to graciously slide us through. We could simply never give up eating out. The cost is too great.

So there it is. Get the picture ? Any idea what is the missing part of the puzzle? Who really is in charge of our ‘ eating out diet’? Maybe we didn’t realize how hard it would be. This case scenario does happen to other people , but never us. Fact is, it happens all the time to one degree or another. Truth be known, we were rather ill prepared for the battle.

The answer ? Victory has to be won before the fight. How can that be, you may ask? Quite simply by laying ahold of the tools and becoming familiar with what works way before the event and aligning ourselves with the ‘hands on’ solution.

If we are to be ever so stealthily armed in the battle of the bulge, we need to be made aware of such tools and then the eating out diet will become our forte or simply, a piece of cake.

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