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Five Tastes Which Do Us More Harmonious And Skinny.

At many people the weight increase occurs because they would like to eat constantly and all of them constantly chew something. Others start to feel hunger almost right after the meal. Why that occurs and what to do with it have told the members American medical associations.

What for we eat? Certainly we eat to receive energy. How to find out if we have received it or not? If you eat correctly feel after a breakfast, a dinner or a supper vigorous, strong and you does not drive at all in a dream. There are secrets of how to receive with food necessary energy and to eliminate feeling of constant hunger.

Our body and our mentality eat types of the energy different from each other which absence leads to an exhaustion of mentality or organism starvation. At starvation of bodies the person constantly wishes to eat, he or she simply does not gorge on that food which is poor various types of energy.

In turn for each body there is the specific type of energy supporting its functioning. This energy is delivered in our organism by food. How to learn what meal supplies with what kind of energy our organism needs to receive? For this purpose it is necessary to remember very simple thing that at food should be present always five tastes.

What are these tastes for and what is it actually? It is bitter, salty, sweet, sour and spicy. If you build the food on a combination of five tastes and will consider still some rules, your weight never will be superfluous as it occurs to Japanese, Chinese and other Asian people.

Let’s look, how the tastes deliver energy to our body that is feeds it, calms and clears. Only when all bodies together will appear full, the feeling of hunger will disappear also. It means that at cooking all five tastes should find the place in your menu.

Influence of tastes on an organism:

The bitter is good for the heart and small intestines. In small amounts it conducts to improvement and normalizes their work. Also it stimulates digestion. And in much it may promote diseases.

The sour is good for a liver and a bilious bubble. In small amounts restores their work. In much amount it may promote diseases.

The sweet is good for a stomach, a spleen, a pancreas. In small amounts promotes their correct functioning and in much leads to illnesses.

The salty is good for kidneys, adrenal glands, genitals, a bladder. In small amounts promotes their good functioning. In much amount it leads to blocking of work of these bodies.

The spicy is good for Lungs. In small amounts promotes their functioning. And in much it leads to illnesses.

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