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Five Ways to Remain Fit and Healthy

Eat the right food – instead of fried foods, have baked or steamed. Include salads and fruits in your diet.

Water – drink lots, clean and boiled.

Walk – try to walk every morning, or anywhere else you can.

Yoga and meditation – yoga is one of the best ways to keep fit and healthy and meditation calms and relaxes the mind.

Clean habits – try not to drink alcohol or smoke.

Eyes are one of the most wonderful gifts given to us. Here are some tips to take care of them.

Have a good night sleep and give them enough rest.

Massage your eyes with almond oil using your ring finger without giving too much pressure.

Refresh your eyes by splashing cold water on them.

Buy good quality cosmetics. Never lend or use other people’s eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, mascara or eyeshadow.

Wear sunglasses while going out in the sun.

Have a good diet consisting of fruit and vegetables. Red, orange, yellow and dark green vegetables, fruit and greens are very good for the eyes.

Make lifestyle changes like giving up alcohol, smoking, avoiding fatty and refined food.

Cover your hair with a scarf or shawl during travel to prevent tangles and to protect your hair from dust.

Always dilute shampoo in a little water and use it. Do not use it directly. Wet your hair first and then apply this diluted shampoo.

Never skip meals as you tend to eat more at the next meal. Do not skip breakfast in particular.

Include a lot of fibre in your diet as it gives a feeling of fullness, thereby preventing you from gorging on fatty foods.

Aerobic exercise like jogging, swimming, cycling and running accelerates weight loss. Consult a physician before starting any weight loss program. Aerobic exercise combined with healthy eating will certainly help in weight reduction.

Use a wide toothed comb to remove tangles and do not comb wet hair. Avoid using a hair dryer to dry your hair. Do not tie your hair tightly. Always use coated rubber bands or soft hair ties.

Mayonnaise is an excellent conditioner for dry hair. Massage your scalp with mayonnaise and leave it for half an hour. Then shampoo as usual. Always rinse your hair well so that no traces of shampoo are left behind.

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