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Folk Remedies To Lose Weight

Shapely body is not only an integral part of beauty, but is also an essential condition of health. Excess weight has a lot of negative consequences for the whole organism: dysfunction of cardiovascular system, derangement of metabolic processes, hypertension, cellulitis and many other consequences.

Modern people are offered a wide range of the most various drugs to lose weight which yield fast results, but often a person losing weight fast taking pills and other results of pharmaceutical industry damages the organism more than helps it. Thus using folk medicines to lose weight is becoming still more popular year by year. Certainly such medicines will not help you to have slender body in a week, but they will surely be safe for your health and will give you the opportunity to lose weight correctly that is will help you to restore your metabolism, clear the body of chemical waste and remove toxins from the organism and to remove fat and excess fluid. Folk remedies ensure step-by-step sparing weight loss that not only makes the body slender and beautiful, but also has positive effect on the organism on the whole.

One of the simple and at the same time effective recipes to remove harmful accumulation from the organism and to regulate metabolic processes is a pumpkin jam. In order to cook it you should have 3-4 kilograms of pumpkin, 2-3 oranges, 1 lemon and sugar. Dice pumpkin pulp, add oranges and lemon cut with peel and then add sugar to your taste. Cook on a slow fire for two times. The preserves will be very tasty and at the same time wholesome.

Another effective folk medicine to lose weight fast is corn silk. The following water can be cooked out of it: pour 1.5 glass of boiling water over 15 grams of silk залить and cook for half an hour on a slow fire, take 3 spoons before meals or make an ifusion: Pour one glass of boiling water over 10-15 grams of silk, then strain and take also as a water. Besides to lose weight you should include dandelion and burdock roots into your diet as well as flax seeds, birch leaves and apples.

In addition to correct diet and herbal potions in order to achieve better wise men recommend to take special baths to lose weight:

1) Bath from silverweed herb for a bucket of water;

2) Bath from herbal preparation: buckthorn bark, wild pansy, licorice root, smart weed and couch grass.

If you want to slim fast and to make your organism healthier then besides using folk recipes try to give up bad habits, have well-balanced diet and to avoid stresses – as a result you will surely be slim, кbeautiful and healthy.

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