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Green Tea As An Effective Weight Loss Device

Admittedly, green tea is something which can be fairly considered to be an appetite suppressant. As for me personally, I think that it is pretty convenient medicine, because all you must do in order not to eat too much is drink few cups of tea. It is amazing, is not it? However, different studies have proven such a great result only for making special injections on the tea base. Besides, drinking more than 6 cups is not going to make you slimmer. Get what I mean? Right, dozes do not matter. In addition, the consumption of green tea leads to the balanced blood sugar spikes which is one of its greatest assets. But when the blood sugar decrease, an insulin response is also thanks to the tea more balanced what allows preventing cravings. It is worth also mentioning that green tea as the liquid makes us feel full which, actually, results in the weaker appetite, because our stomach is filled with tea and does not need something else. As far as our appetite is not necessary due to the biochemical reasons and where emotions also matter, green tea has much to do with our emotional state as well. In spite of the fact that many scientific researches have proven the weight loss effect of green tea, I am sure that just tea drinking is not going to provide you with the desired effect and there is something else needed. I have always supported and support the view that the most efficient component of any weight loss program is exercising. Interestingly, these studies have shown that weight loss effect of green tea is cause by its ingredients such as caffeine, catechins and EGCG. It means the less processed the tea is, the higher the content of the green teas effectiveness is. Besides, if you really want to make your weight loss process effective, you are to choose the tea of the best quality, but not the one from the cheapest grocery store.


To sum up, green tea is not the magic treatment which can make your fat melt away in a second. The thing is that the old universal laws still plays the great role which means that for the successful fat burning effect you need to eat less than your organism can burn. Apart from the fact that tea acts as an appetite suppressant, it also balances your sugar level and reduces the carvings. So two or tree cups of tea per day makes you feel full and satisfied without any desire to eat more. Finally, you should not expect wonders from the simple green tea, though it is much healthier option than coffee. Good luck with weight loss and have fun with green tea!

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