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HGG Diet

Are you somehow connected with the HCG Diet? Do you know what you are allowed to eat and what is just not recommended to? How often do you think beforehand how to put your weight loss plan into practice? Are you worried about getting your shed weight back? Frankly speaking, following the HCG Diet gave me a second wind in my life. Besides, I would say that it has managed to give me back my sense of self and the understanding of who I am. Interestingly, I have also found out that there is no need for me to use the help of psychologist or any other professional for shedding extra fat and finding out the answer why I am obese. In addition, I should not pick up any crazy weight loss program or starting running on a daily basis. All I have understood is that I alone can overcome this problem and can try to keep the lost weight off. Admittedly, I can more than guarantee that HCG Diet has much to do with the miracle. However, on my opinion, those three weeks of maintenance turn out to be quite crucial. The most essential aspect about this is that there is no need to count the calories. Though it is strongly recommended eliminating sugar and starches from your daily menu. Of course, this is not pretty easy stuff, but you should try to. In order to stay on your track, you have to check the scales each morning, so that you would not miss an important point. Remarkably, these three weeks will be spent on the resetting of the hypothalamus to the new weight loss habit. Here are some helpful pieces of advice for your weight loss program.

1) When you are almost over with the HGG Diet, then you have to do the last doze of hCG. While you are doing this, you have to go on for 2 days with the very low calorie diet plan, as you are planning for the major part of hCG to get put of your system. In fact, you are likely to continue losing excessive pounds even after the last days of hCG.
2) Fortunately, at this very moment you are allowed to eat everything you want apart from the SUGARS and STARCHES. This, actually, means that you are forbidden consuming such stuff as cookies, crackers, desserts, pasta, breads and desserts. As far as you were busy with this for about 3 weeks, you must keep at your last diet weight which amounts to 2 pounds. Look here, you should clearly understand that you have to strictly stick to the plan and do not organize any holiday days or something like that, because your hypothalamus must adjust to the changes that your body undergoes at this very moment.

Have you heard that you can be heading in the absolutely wrong way with weight loss plans. If you really want to lose weight fast – then this weight loss info can can become a catalyst.

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