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How To Avoid Overeating

I would really advise you to read about overeating in the book “Thoughtless meal” of the professor of Cornell University Bryan Uonsink who investigates psychological mechanisms which force people to overeat. The human stomach is insufficiently sensitive to notice small distinction in number of calories and often does not register quantity eaten earlier than in 20 minutes after food intake.

Therefore people while solving whether it is time to stop eating have got used to rely on sight, hearing and sense of smell. And as a result often overeat. In particular, the big plates compel people to eat more. Here are listed below some councils of how to avoid overeating:

1. Hide cookies and put a carrot on a foreground.

We eat what we see. If each time opening a refrigerator you see a bottle of mineral water you will think more of mineral water and to drink it more often. Therefore you should hold all the sweets far away, and carrots and celery on the top shelf of a refrigerator, there, where you can see them.

2. The same thing concerns works.

If at you work lie sweets for visitors so they should lie in opaque capacity. During one of experiments of Uonsink and its colleagues it has been established that secretaries who sit near to transparent vases with sweets eat on 71 % (and on 77 calories in day) more than who sit near to same, but white ceramic capacities. For a year, the transparent vase to you will cost several pounds of excess weight.

3. Convenience conducts to consumption.

The easier is meal for the consumption it is more probable that you will eat it, even if the difference makes seconds. Therefore, when you will shift carrots and celery on the top shelf of your fridge, at first wash up them and cut so you will eat them more often. Also steer clear of packing’s with crackers and cookies which are conveniently opened, they do high-calorific bites also easier. Having left such packing on a shelf you by all means will indulge in gluttony.

4. Do not get rid of proofs.

During one more experiment it was shown that people ate more chicken wings if bones from it immediately were taken away. When bones lay on a table before eyes of eaters it was a visible reminder on that how many they have already eaten. It also explains a phenomenon of a bottomless plate when from a plate with tomato soup with which secretly filled through a tube under a table people ate much more than from a usual plate whence soup disappeared. People look, how many remains in a plate to estimate how many they have already eaten.

5. Use your sight.

Time your stomach not in a condition to trace quantity of consumed calories; you need to rely basically on eyes. The more volume it looks the less probable that you will eat more of it. Therefore soup is useful because: the quantity of a liquid containing in it gives to people feeling of saturation while they were really sated instead of when is eaten on hundreds calories more.

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