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How To Combat Hair Loss

Hair loss is one on of the most common condition that is faced by men all over the world. Infact by the age of 60 more than two thirds of men turn bald. The main cause of baldness is largely excess production of dihydrotestosterone in the body. In this article we are going to discuss how one can prevent or stop hair loss and what changes in lifestyle are needed to keep a check on hair fall.

Lifestyle Changes

Health of your hair is greatly affected by your lifestyle. If you want to keep your hair healthy and prevent them from falling then you should start following a healthy lifestyle which includes-

1. Eating a healthy and a balanced diet and abstaining from junk food.
2. Taking adequate sleep so that your body gets time to recover from all the stress it has gone through the day.
3. Exercising regularly to keep fit.
4. Abstaining from harmful substances like alcohol and giving up smoking.

Weight Loss And Hair Loss

Sudden loss of weight also leads to hair loss. This is because with weight loss body also losses vital nutrients which are essential for maintaining optimal health. So it is advisable to avoid such diets in which body is derived of vital nutrients to loose weight as such weight loss is not good for the body as well as for your hair.

Herbs For Hair Loss

There are certain herbs which help in combating hair loss and also help in growth of new hair. Herbs like saw palmetto and gotu kola have been known to lower dht levels in the body which is the main cause of hair loss. These herbs also help in nourishment of the hair follicles by providing vital nutrients and minerals to the body. You can also massage your hair with herbal oils to improve blood circulation and strengthening of hair. Also try to avoid using shampoos on hair as they contain chemicals which weaken the hair if used regularly instead you can use mild shampoos or herbal ones which are easily available in the market these days.

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