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How To Deal With A Weight Loss Plateau

Some people often face certain problems when losing weight. For example, you could try various programs, but without getting any results. This means you have reached a weight loss plateau. It is rather hard to pass it, but not impossible.

Reaching a weight loss plateau is a common thing to many people who lose weight. At some point you will begin to understand that you cannot lose weight any more. At the same time you will still have some unwanted pounds. What should be done in such situation? Let us try to investigate the problem.

Reaching a weight loss plateau in most cases means that your organism is used to your current weight loss program. Your body begins to maintain weight rather than to lose it. Before you change your weight loss plan try to make sure that everything is done correctly.

First of all, you need to eat small meals frequently. It is recommended to have five or six small means during the day. Secondly, you should get into regular exercise. Two types of exercise are important: the first one to burn calories and the second one to build muscles which will allow you to burn more calories. And thirdly, you need to get about 20 percent less calories than you need to maintain your current body weight.

If you are doing all these things and your weight does not go down any more – then you need to try something else. It is impossible to find a solution that will work for anyone. So, you will have to find your own way of how to get through your weight loss plateau. However, we will share some useful tips with you.

A possible reason for reaching your weight loss plateau is too much exercise. If you exercise too much, your muscles might not have enough time to grow from one session to another. If your body does not get enough rest, it is not able to build up new muscles. That is why you need to have a one or two days off between exercise sessions. This way your muscles will have enough time to recover.

Another possible option is to increase your daily calorie intake for a couple of days and then decrease the amount of calories again. If you intake 15 hundred calories per day, you should eat 18-19 hundred calories for a few days and then eat 12-13 hundred calories for a short period of time. After that you could return to your normal 15 hundreds.

If you choose this option, keep in mind that your additional calories should not come from fatty and junk foods. You could eat more foods that are currently in your diet plan, but not unhealthy ones. .

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