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How to Eat Yourself Slim

Is it possible to eat your self slim? Well! 30 years ago if you mentioned the idea of a fat burning diet many nutritionists and so called experts in the diet and weight loss industry would laugh of their socks of and called you a “nut”

But now in the year of 2009 mainly due to new scientific discoveries and advance food diagnostics. It’s now official and those old school professors can hang their heads in shame “fat burnings diets” are for real. Not only have the experts proclaimed these diets as genuine but they have even called them by quite a hypermodern name “thermogenic diets”

The word “Thermogenic” without the word “diet” being added is not new it simply means creating heat in a living organism in layman’s terms this means burning energy and it’s this burning energy that is the basic principle behind fat burning diets.

Thermogenic diets are based on simply eating foods that make the digestive system burn more energy digesting the food than the food will provide (a negative calorie diet). A great analogy for fat burning diets would be a game whereby for every step you took going backwards you then had to take two equal steps forwards. So it wouldn’t matter how many steps you took going backwards your will always end up travelling forwards, which is great news for dieters who just cant seem to get rid of that unwanted flab.

Now here is another real cool part about fat burning diets, because the food takes more energy to digest than the food will provide our natural metabolic rate is forced to speed up which in turn helps you burn even more body fat it’s almost like a two pronged attack on those love handles, belly fat, fat thighs etc.

Themogenic diets can come in two forms the best of which consists of consuming a larger than normal quantity every day fat burning foods however if this is not possible for some reason then one can enhance a normal diet pan with fat burning supplements.

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I write from my own experience regarding weight control and health issues like “ how to get rid of man boobs” and the many current products advertised as diet aids,including acai berry information and other superfruits such as goji berries, Acai burn and the Maqui berry.

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