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How To Get Rid Of Cellulites

To begin with this it is necessary to understand what the cellulites is and why it appears? The cellulites represent original change of structure of a fatty fabric. When there is a metabolism infringement the volume of fatty cages increases and the molecules which are present at them enter into intercellular space.

Are as a result is formed atypical for hypodermic cages the micro small knots filled with a lymphatic liquid which while standing accumulates toxins. Processes of blood supply and recycling of slags are broken. A result is the hilly skin outwardly rather reminding an orange-peel.

From cellulites suffer thin and thick, men and women. 80-95 % of women have cellulites. Therefore you are not lonely in struggle against this illness. Let’s understand why there is cellulites.

Let’s allocate principal causes of occurrence of cellulites, and it is:

– Endocrine infringements (for example, a diabetes, the lowered function of thyroid glands);

– Infringement of an albuminous exchange;

– An inactive way of life;

– An improper feeding;

– Stress;

– Weariness.

Before to begin cellulites treatment it is necessary consult with the cosmetician as there are the sets of reasons of occurrence of cellulites and to solve this problem not always it is possible only with a cosmetic method.

Methods of treatment of cellulites now great variety. In beauty salons to you will offer mesotherapy, anti-cellulite massage in a combination to application of anti-cellulite creams and pressotherapy and also exotic enough method as gyrud therapy

But if you enough occupied person and you don’t have much time to spend half-day for visiting of the cosmetician or you have not enough means for a campaign in cosmetology salon I to you suggest to solve a cellulites problem in house conditions.

Let’s begin with the most simple … with a bath. It is necessary to get lavender, rosemary, mint, a sage or citrus as they promote removal of cellulites and increase muscular tone.

We take a bath with one of components about 20 minutes for obvious warming up of cellulites places. Then directly in water you start massaging problem zones. Doing massage it is necessary to strain muscles in an influence zone.

You should massage problem zones with a terry mitten, a bast or a brush with a natural bristle (hips – from below upwards) before occurrence of an obvious burning sensation.

Have a rest for minutes 5 and then starts the most effective part of bathing massages – pinching. Big and forefingers of both hands grasp a skin fold together with hypodermic fat. To each problem zone needs to devote 8-10 minutes of pinching massage. Then rinse your body in a shower and grease a skin with any anti-cellulite cream.

Into structure of anti-cellulite creams and masks necessarily should enter: an extract of black coffee or caffeine, extracts of laminar, a horsetail field and a fucus, menthol or blue clay.

Caffeine promotes fat hydrolysis in cages. Laminar and a horsetail improve microcirculation and reduce a hypostasis. Blue clay absorbs slags and toxins which are allocated with then and enriches skin with mineral components. Menthol improves a vascular tone and pleasantly cools your skin.

But application of only creams cannot solve a problem. The eutrophy with the raised maintenance of fiber is also necessary. Reduce quantity of consumed coffee, alcohol and tobacco. At last, be engaged in physical exercises (swimming, walking on ladders, aerobics) which not only will relieve you of cellulites, but also will make your body more tightened.

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