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How To Start Losing Pregnancy Weight

It seems so unfair that some women have absolutely no problems with losing pregnancy weight and easily return their former shape shortly after giving birth.

However, many others are stuck with extra kilos and seem to have great difficulty dropping them off. It seems to be unreal task, while caring for the new baby and at the same time trying to shed some excess kilograms.

It may take some time to return to your pre-pregnancy weight, but with a plan and a little effort, you can do that!

What can be done to help these women to lose baby weight?

One basic thing is to breastfeed your baby. Doctors say that by breastfeeding, a woman needs 500 extra calories per day. This explains why breastfeeding mothers often lose the extra weight gained during pregnancy faster than those who bottle feed. The baby also benefits by getting important nutrients giving protection of all types of health problems.

It is important to remember that during breastfeeding, you need more calories to maintain a healthy supply of milk – especially during the first month.

Women who have gone through pregnancy and giving birth notice dramatic changes in their bodies. During pregnancy they have been eating for two and building up reserves of nutrients. Apart from the baby’s weight there is also the weight of the liquid that surrounds the baby and also the accumulation of fat and tissue needed to support the current needs of the mother during pregnancy and when baby is born.

After giving birth you need to avoid junk food and stick to healthy products. Fruits and vegetables are excellent snacks and help to give a sense of being “full”. Drinking plenty of water is also a great way to avoid hunger and not to put on any weight.

To begin losing weight gained during pregnancy, you also need to exercise. Exercises may be mild and gentle – like walking every day – or swimming, or some mild resistance exercises at home.

We recommend you to begin with gentle stretching exercises before starting more serious exercise programs.

The best way to maintain your exercise plan is to have a ‘friend’ to exercise. Ideally, this will be another new mom. You can take your babies out for a brisk walk as walking is the best exercise that will help to lose the weight gained during pregnancy.

Always consult your doctor to determine if there are any problems with exercising.

You have to find out how much exercise you need to do to really lose weight. This can be calculated by various software programs.

Important things to remember:

Your body needs time to heal before beginning an exercise routine.
Your stomach needs a little exercise to return to former shape.
Set realistic goals. Do not expect miracles overnight.

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