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I Need To Get Rid Of My Fat, But How? Lose Weight Quickly With The Right Diet.

I know I need to get rid of all my excess pounds, but how? Lose weight quickly with a healthy balanced diet and moderate exercise. It is really that simple, the problem is, most of us want a miracle and that is simply not going to happen. The fat came with time and unfortunately it is going to go with time! Do not lose heart though; there are ways to speed up the process if you are willing to put in that little extra effort.

1. Start with a healthy balanced diet:

Very important: if you are saying “I need to get rid of my fat,” you have to eat healthy and you have to eat enough. This is the problem with all the fad diets, you eat too little and lose mostly water and muscle instead of fat. As soon as you start eating normal again, the water comes back and so does the weight except for the precious muscle you lost. The muscle you lose with a fad diet is one of the biggest problems that results in yo-yo dieting. With less muscle to burn energy, your metabolism slows down and you gain weight much easier than before you went onto the fad diet!

If you go onto the correct diet on the other hand, that will not happen and the weight loss will be real. With the correct diet you will not only lose water but you will burn fat. This is very important as going wrong here can really cost you in the future. Do not fall for a diet that makes you eat very little or mostly one kind of food. Most of all, stay away from those liquid diets. I do not mean healthy meal replacement shakes, I mean those “soups” that you can eat in unlimited quantities, but you still starve all day!

For a normal healthy eating plan you will eat ordinary, everyday foods that are easily available. There is not need to eat expensive “special” meals and bars. You can do very well on the food you normally buy. Get a diet that gives you a choice and lets you choose the food you prefer and that are readily available. It is better for your health and it is better for your pocket!

There are many diets out there, choose a good one, stick to it and you will have success.

2. Moderate exercise:

Here is where you can almost make the miracle happen. With moderate exercise you can speed up the process considerably. Take note though, “Moderate” exercise! No good will come of it if you go overboard. You’ll burn muscle once again and it will be counter productive. For the best fat burning exercise you need to exercise at 60% of your maximum heart rate for about forty minutes, three to four times a week. Doing more will not burn more fat.

To work out what your maximum heart rate is, take 220 minus your age.  Now you can work out your optimal heart rate for fat burning take 60% of that. Now you have your maximum heart rate to work the most efficiently.  For example, if you were 42 years old, the formula would look like this. 220-42= 178. And now you get 60% of the 178 and that is 107. Divide that by 6 and you have a 10 second count if you are checking your heart rate manually.  If the machine gives you your heart rate you can work harder or slow down as needed to maintain the fat burning zone.

So, these are the basics if you are saying “I have to get rid of my fat, but how?” Lose weight quickly with a combination of the correct diet and healthy moderate exercise.

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