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Knowing Your Diet Limits And Keeping It Fresh

When you go to your favorite south-of-the-border restaurant, do you order the steamed fish and vegetable special? Do you get a baked potato on the side and top it with a lowfat yogurt-sour cream blend? No? I’m not surprised because, frankly, I don’t know anyone who does. Everyone I know who enjoys Mexican food goes for the gusto–the cheese nachos, the beef tacos, the chile rellenos, not to mention the margaritas and the lime-infused brew. How do you handle that on 1,000 calories a day? Very carefully, specialists would advise, or not all until you feel confident that you can order sensibly.

Some people can eat just one. No matter what they’re offered, whether it’s a tortilla chip or a chocolate chip cookie, they take a small sample and never go back for more. However, most people aren’t like that. If you’re watching your weight, you may need to avoid most convenience food stores, your supermarket’s snack section, and all Mexican restaurants.

When you know you won’t be satisfied with small portions of your favorite foods, stay away from them until you’re feeling stronger. Never say “never” but definitely figure out how to say “not right now.”

Even if you’re an independent operator and you’re used to making decisions on your own, don’t be afraid to admit if you can’t handle this one alone. You can find a diet buddy or an exercise buddy, join a gym, join a weight-loss program, or seek professional counseling.

Keeping Your Diet Fresh

Initially, you have to make all sorts of changes in your diet and perhaps other areas of your life. Then what? In time, your new low-cal lifestyle will get old and you’ll have to reevaluate your plan to keep it from getting stale.

Boredom is a common trigger for overeating. Sometimes, feelings of boredom are actually a habit of your mind. You’re in the habit of telling yourself that you’re bored, so you feel bored on a regular basis. If that’s the case, you have to make a huge effort to push past those thoughts as soon as they enter your mind and find something interesting to do.

If you spend too many nights sitting around eating and can’t think of anything else to do, sign up for an evening cooking class (preferably a healthy cooking or low-cal cooking class). With a class, you can still at but you’ll be spending most of your time learning about food and preparing food in a social setting. You may even discover something new that can help keep your diet interesting.

Adjusting Your Food Plan Throughout The Seasons

Just as you need a change of wardrobe when summer gives in to early fall, you may need to change your food plan when one season fades into another. Food availability changes with the seasons and so might your physical needs. You may be more active in spring and summer than in winter, and you may cook more in the winter than in the summer or crave heartier foods. You may routinely take your vacations midsummer and late fall, and these vacations may be opportunities to enjoy new and different foods. These seasonal, and temporary, lifestyle changes can affect the way you eat.

For many people, a change in seasons also means a change in mood. If you suffer from winter blues, your diet may suffer, too. The best way to prepare for any seasonal changes in your lifestyle that affect your diet is to look ahead and have a plan in place.

Remember, too, that some things don’t change with the seasons. You need to drink as much water in the winter as you do in the summer, and your body needs good nutrition and a good physical workout all year round.

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