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Liquids and Dieting: Drinking Your Way Thin

Many people who try to lose weight take the food they eat very seriously; in fact the definition of a “diet” is simply, “a prescribed selection of food”. But what most people fail to recognize is that the liquids you ingest can be just as important as the food you eat. As it turns out, people who diet but don’t change their drinking behaviors often fail to see any results at all. While people who maintain their eating but change their drinking behaviors can actually lose weight. Here are two liquids you should cut from your diet to help you lose weight, and two that you should insert. Healthier drinking will lead to success in dieting.

The first liquid to cut out when trying to lose weight is alcohol. A single beer can contain as many as 250 calories. The average diet is just 2000 calories, which means two beers after work is the equivalent of a quarter of your entire food intake in calories. Keep in mind that “Bud Light” has 110 calories, compared to Budweiser’s 145; which is still a ton of extra empty calories. It isn’t just beer that has contains all these empty calories, a glass of wine will have around 100 calories by itself; and a cocktail can go from 150 (for a simple gin and tonic) to 300+ in frozen drinks. In general, alcohol=empty calories, and to lose weight you just need to abstain.

Since this article takes away and gives back, the first liquid you should add to your diet is a protein shake. Adding protein to your diet is the best way to encourage your body to develop lean, calorie burning muscle. A pound of muscle burns 2 to 3 times as many calories, at rest, than a pound of fat. Most people add protein from eating more meat, but that meat is also usually packed with sugars and fats. Protein supplement shakes are typically fat free; giving you the protein you need without the fat you don’t. Most protein shakes are either whey or soy based; and the right choice is to go with whey protein. Its dairy based, so your body is better suited to naturally digest the protein. If your body has trouble digesting dairy products, you are still in luck. Most whey protein comes with lactase, which aids in the digestion.

Along with kicking the alcohol, it’s important to lose the soda. Carbonated drinks sabotage weight loss in two ways: they contain caffeine and calories. The dangers of empty calories are obvious, and a single can of soda can have as many as 200 calories. These empty calories have no place in a weight-loss diet. Second, caffeine is a huge saboteur for weight-loss. While many people think caffeine speeds up metabolism, the impact is actually the opposite. Caffeine raises Cortisol levels which help your body store fat while offering a temporary metabolism boost that slows down your body and metabolism in the long run. Caffeine causes a blood sugar spike, contributing to sugar cravings throughout the day. Since soda is usually loaded with caffeine and empty calories, it has no place in the diet of someone trying to lose weight. P.s. Don’t be fooled by “Diet” soda, studies show that people who switch from regular to diet soda actually slow down their metabolism.

Finally, the last liquid to add to your diet is 100% fruit juices. Fruit juices are often high in sugar and calories, but don’t be scared of them. They contain nutrients that are important for your body and can provide a healthy energy boost instead of a snack. Look for juices that have “no sugar added”; natural juice sugar is easy for your body to digest, while processed corn syrups can be difficult and unnecessary. Fruit juices can also replace your desire for sugary soda and calorie filled beer, in a healthful way.

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