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Neurolinguistic Programming As The Successful Weight Loss Device

It is not a secret that there are many weight loss supplements and different pills on the world market that are promoting “natural” and “organic” weight loss. However, when I think about this, it seems to be unnatural. Frankly speaking, among the huge variety of options the most reliable to be for me seems Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). The thing is that it is more focused on the habit (bad eating habit) than on the necessity to take weight loss supplements. Besides, Neurolinguistic Programming claims that it is obligatory for us to change our mental perception if we really want to overcome the obesity. Well the aim of this article, therefore, is to convince you of the suitability of NLP technique for solving food consumption problems.

Actually, the NLP technique for managing the consumption of food is quite simple. As far as we usually eat without any thinking being on kind of autopilot, it would be great if we find the perfect way to prevent all our senses from thinking about the only stuff which is called food. Once you smell it, all your senses starts working and sending the signal to the brain about your strong desire to eat. Due to the fact that our eating process if very automatic, it makes us react in such a way that we do not think whether we want to eat and we simply, without realization, go on eating again and again. What can be the worst is the situation when this autopilot mechanism won’t be checked if the smell causes uncontrollable desire to eat. What you start doing is just eating until you feel absolutely full. I must admit that this is not the solution of the problem and rather the avoiding of it.

Because the trigger is strong, this NLP technique which is more popular under the title of Swish Pattern is the best way to prevent this “disease”. When you have the strong desire for something, you get special mental image in your mind. Usually, this image tends to have few characteristics such as the quality of the image and also the sound which you associate with this food. Attention! Here it is important to identify this image, as this is the first step that can ever be made to the associative process. Admittedly, the next step is to determine the feeling which is to “destroy” your craving. The most effective feeling which always works well is disgust. For example, when you think about your favorite food and then switch to the imagination of something disgusting, this stops you from the development of the automatic reaction. When you train this procedure few times, you will get the automated system which will be first checking whether you really want to eat. This is, actually, the way it should be done.

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