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New Year Weight Loss

New Year Weight Loss article Hello everyone, As a new year quickly approaches, many of us take this important milestone as an opportunity to begin some new behaviors. I certainly have had my share of new years resolutions through the passing decades. The topic dedicated in this page of the site is about losing weight for the newly arriving year. What better time to turn over a new leaf with a fresh attitude and outlook on life. An entire new year stretching out before us laden with new opportunities and learning experiences. I really enjoy the beginning of each New Year, and I have seen 66 of them come and go. I hope there are plenty more to come. A new attitude towards food can be most helpful in starting a new weight loss program. You really do lose weight most effectively by eating about 5 to 6 times a day with the correct kinds of foods. You never go hungry, and the excess pounds slough off as effortlessly as they were accumulated. I highly encourage a visit here to see in one convenient place all the specific knowledge you need to start and maintain a successful weight loss program. It is not difficult to lose weight. It just requires mainly patience. Here are a few tips up front to get you thinking.

It might be a good idea to clear out your from your kitchen some of the junk food that you might have. This could include white bread, candy, cakes, soda, bagged foods like cheetos and potato chips. Any food that is high in fat and calories. You do not have to remove all of it, because eating correctly 80% of the time will allow you to lose weight. If ALL these foods are gone, you may get discouraged from the very beginning. It is very helpful to eat about five to six fruits and vegetables a day. You can keep fresh fruit in your refrigerator. You could cut up the vegetables in to bite size pieces for easy snacks. Have plain yogurt and hummus for dipping. Delicious! It is most helpful to always buy whole grain breads and cereals. The whole grains make you feel fuller more quickly as well as nourishing your body with required ingredients for health maintenance. I particularly like whole wheat breads and tortillas. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day keeps you hydrated and alleviates your hunger. Water is also very good for your skin. The only exercise really needed is the normal coming and going of each day.

We all do sufficient exercise in the course of a normal day to achieve consistent weight loss. In other words, it simply is not necessary to suddenly start jogging or going to a club. In fact I would encourage you to look at Time magazine for the week of August 17, 2009. The cover story is about the myth of exercise. Their main point is that by spending say twenty minutes exercising diligently on a treadmill machine, most people plan on rewarding themselves with a treat for their good behavior, like a cupcake for example. This scenario is delightfully portrayed on the cover of their issue. These treats or rewards end up sabotaging the very purpose of exercising. They make the point that just normal living each day gives more than enough exercise to lose weight if proper foods are eaten. That is what for me made this new information so meaningful. I have been enjoying a consistent small weight loss without ever feeling hungry or deprived. That is what drives me to share this sensible approach with everyone. I wish you the very best in your weight loss efforts. Daniel Swearingen Bozeman, Montana

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Author introduction for article submission Daniel Swearingen is the author. I am 66 years old with a history of being in the pharmaceutical industry for 35 years as a representative. I bring a wealth of scientific background to hopefully present information in a convincing manner.

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