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Please Help Me. I Need To Burn Fat Belly

So many of us battle with a fat belly. Maybe you are one of those that needs to burn fat belly. You may also have heard that you cannot spot reduce and now you feel very despondent! It is true that you cannot spot reduce, but there is still a lot you can do to burn fat belly.

Where to start?

To burn fat belly, you have to start where you have to start with any other weight loss program. As the weight starts to come off, the fat belly will also start disappearing. So, we are back to a healthy balanced diet and moderate exercise. You will have to concentrate on exercises, though, for your abs to get rid of that fat belly.

1. A healthy balanced diet:

The best place to start any weight loss plan is with a healthy balanced diet. A fad diet will only do you more harm than good. With a fad diet you mostly lose water and some muscle. Now this is not good news for anyone wanting to have a flatter tummy. You will become flabby and the loss of muscle will make weight loss more and more difficult. You need to eat enough and you need to keep your precious muscles. Remember, muscles burn more calories than fat, even when you are sleeping. So, for a flatter tummy, you will have to keep those muscles.

2. What to look out for in a diet:

Make sure that you do not have to eat too little. A good way of knowing that is if the diet forbids exercise. The diet does not have to encourage exercise, many do not because they think it will scare clients away, but it must not forbid it. If a diet forbids exercise, it means you are eating too little to exercise safely and that is a very good sigh that the diet is a fad diet.

Another thing to look out for is, the diet must not consist of mainly only one kind of food. If you have to eat vegetable soup all the time, now it is a fad diet! You must be able to eat a variety of food. Your health is important and you need to get all the nutrition your body needs.

You also have to be very sure you will be able to live with the diet. If you are not going to be able to stick to it, it will do you no good at all. Choose a diet where you will be able to eat more than three meals a day to prevent you from getting too hungry

3. Moderate exercise:

If you want to know how burn fat belly, exercise is very important. You have to do some cardio for general fat burning purposes and some exercises that target your tummy. The cardio can be anything you enjoy, walking, jogging, cycling or even swimming in the summer. As long as your heartbeat increases for at least thirty minutes to forty minutes a day, you will start getting rid of those extra layers. Even this will help you to burn fat belly.

4. Exercises to target your abs:

Here you can go for your normal situps. If you are unfit it is best to do them with your arms stretched out in front of you instead of behind your head as it is normally done. You can easily hurt your neck if you push too hard on your neck.

Another one you have to do is this. Lay on you back, arms stretched out behind your head. Now you stretch up, lifting your right arm and your left leg, bending over to try and touch your left leg and, of course the other way around.

These two are good for a start. Later you will have to get a more professionally worked out program to make sure you exercise all your muscles.

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Now, you are saying, “give me more tips!” Well, go to Magriet’s site How To Lose Weight Calories and get it all. She even has a page that tells you how to Warm Up Properly before you exercise.

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