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Raw Food Diet! – Does It Really Work?

People who have been following a strictly raw food diet saw quickly some noticeable results. Some people that followed only raw-food diet have stated weight loss up to 15 pounds in the first week! In this article I will tell you how to achieve quick weight loss results on raw food diet.

How can a raw food diet help in reducing weight fast?
There are some reasons that raw food practitioners name…
Low Calories and Effects: raw foods really contain low calories in comparison to their size. It means that you can eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and you can feel rather full and you will not end up eating lots calories. It keeps a good control over a great number of calories that you eat and help weight loss process.

If you make a comparison to the type of mistakes people make trying to stick to other diets, you can see how useful a raw food diet is. For instance, people who try to follow other diets end up starving themselves and always try to full their stomach. They are more likely to overindulge and overeat and they can spoil the results that they managed to achieve during those years when they followed a strict diet and do some physical workouts. And it is one of the most popular mistakes.

So, as you see that the following a raw-food diet, you will not feel emptiness constantly and this will be better for your weight loss process and your mind in the whole. You can restrict your calorie consumption to about 1200 calories (for women) or 1800 calories (for men) and you should not starve yourself. This is one of the main reasons when weight loss on raw food diet is possible. But there is another important reason.
Digestive Enzymes: Raw fruits and vegetables include much digestive enzymes that cooked food just does not have. The reason is that once food is warmed about 118 degrees, the enzymes alter their structure and break down. Due to this, cooked or processed food is not enriched with enzymes.

But how are digestive enzymes related to weight loss?
Well, the following explanation is a little bit general. But, mainly, digestive enzymes help the body to dissolve the food we eat. If there are a lot of digestive enzymes, the body fractures the food into the most basic form. Then due to lack of digestive enzymes, the body starts to store most of the food that we eat. And this results in obesity. So, you can see the advantage of the enzyme rich raw food diet.

So, due to these two main reasons, fast weight loss on raw food diet is possible. But even if it is not the case, there are many health benefits of eating raw fruits and vegetables.

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