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Some Numbers Related To Weight Loss

There are some important numbers you need to know if you want to lose weight. You have probably heard about them already, but we are going to discuss them more precisely. And the first important number is your ideal weight.

Ideal weight is defined as a function of your age, your gender and your height. Of course, there are some individual differences, but most people fit into these standards. Only about 5 percent of people do not fit into this formula and their ideal weight could differ up to ten pounds from the given one. We are trying to say that you do not have to do everything to maintain your ideal weight. However, you could try to stabilize your weight somewhere around this number. In this case you will feel happy and healthy.

Many people keep asking how they could define their optimal zone of weight. The answer is simple and it involves body mass index – the next number you should get familiar with if you want to lose weight. Body mass index is usually used by physicians to define your weight health. This index is based on your gender, your height and your current weight. It is also often associated with the amount of fat in the body. Your body mass index could fall into one of the categories. You could find out that you are underweight, have normal weight or overweight.

However, the use of body mass index has certain limitations. It does not show the difference between body fat and muscles. A person may have body mass index at unhealthy range because of developed muscles. This person will not be in the risk group. Another disadvantage f body mass index is the fact that it is not highly accurate for people who are under five feet and for people who are older than eighty years. But the rest of the people could use body mass index as an indicator of their weight health.

If you have found out that your body mass index is slightly higher than normal it is recommended to exercise regularly and get on a healthy weight loss program. If your body mass index is very high, you need to understand that you are at a risk and you need to seriously get into weight loss. You should even contact your doctor and include him or her into each stage of your weight loss program.

Another number you need to know about is your calorie maintenance level. It is also could be calculated according to your weight, height and level of activity. Calorie maintenance level is the number of calories you need to consume each day to maintain your current weight. And if you want to lose weight you need to eat fewer calories than your CML is.

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