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Strip That Fat Review

I started using Strip That Fat in March 2009. At that point my new year’s resolution to lose weight had clearly failed. I live 2 hours from the beach, so losing weight fast was mandatory. Although I did not lose the weight as fast as they had advertised I am very happy with my results. I weighted 165 lbs. in March and now I weigh 131 lbs. I have weighted 131 lbs since June and I have been able to keep the weight off. Until I tried Strip That Fat I could only get temporary weight loss resulting in several years of roller coaster dieting.

The program has an ‘eat more – lose more’ approach making it easier to stick with. You are given a list of foods to help burn fat faster and the food is actually food I like to eat. Strip That Fat offers a user friendly crash course in basic nutrition and exercise science. The program is centered on an ebook and a diet generator, both of which work together well. The book includes ’15 Dieting Aha’s’. The diet generator portion is a useful tool. You select your favorite meals from 5 different groups of food choices. You could choose them all if you want; that would end up giving you more variety. Having such a large variety of foods allowed me to stay motivated and I did not feel guilty every time I ate foods that were not as healthy. I also noticed a drastic increase in energy which was great since most diets I have tried made me tired and hungry all the time.

The best part about Strip That Fat is that it puts weight loss and healthy living into perspective, making it a reachable goal for anyone. This is not a crash diet, and it’s honestly one of the most “down to earth” guides on fat loss I have come across. I would highly recommend this program to anyone regardless of how much weight you are trying to lose.

The program is backed with a 60 day money back guarantee (otherwise I would not have tried it myself). I hope to have a second child soon, so I will be able to better test the program soon after my pregnancy. I will post again to let you know how successful I was losing pregnancy weight (at the end of 2010?).

About Author
Laura lost over 30 lbs. with Strip That Fat and would like to share her success with others. For more information the ‘Strip That Fat’ program click the link below.

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