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The Best Ranked Diet For Men

Females and males are not the same. Just because a diet works for a woman doesn’t mean it will work for a man. I believe the The Best Diet For Men is a dieting plan that is easy to follow and that also gives some flexibility with a weekly day on which you don’t have to follow it.

The Day Off Diet Plan meets these criteria precisely and that is why I believe it is the clear choice for any man who wants to lose weight quickly and simply. It is based on the easy to follow ideas of “green light foods” and a regular “day off” from dieting.

For 6 days every week a dieter following this online diet program will be allowed to eat as many foods on the “green light” list as he wants to. Somewhat similarly to the Atkins diet approach (which is also very effective for men) someone on The Day Off Diet is allowed to eat all of the meat that he wants. This approach leads to a high protein intake which is good for any person who wants to burn off their excess fat and replace it with lean muscle.

This weekly “day off” lets a man to burn fat while still having a good time. You can select either Friday or Saturday as your “cheat day” and on that particular day you can actually eat and drink anything you want to and still be successfully following The Day Off Diet.

But this “cheat day” is not just to make the diet easier to stick with by giving a “day off” to look forward to every week, it also actually helps the people following this diet to burn fat faster. How? Because it boosts the body’s metabolic rate for quicker fat loss. Most diet plans slow down the metabolism through what amounts to starvation but The Day Off Diet “tricks” the body into speeding up your metabolism with a regular spike in calories.

If you need to build muscle while you burn the excess fat off then you should consider combining this diet program with 7 Minute Muscle.

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